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Draw the characters from "We" as they are described by the narrator.

Graphic Novel

Explore this new and interesting genre, and its wide appeal, by having the class re-create "We" as a graphic novel.

Math Textbook

As a class, create a math textbook based on the mathematical-philosophical formulas presented by the narrator.

Film 1

Cast a film version of "We". What actor, past or present, would play each character? What would the costumes look like? What existing film(s) are similar?

Film 2

View and discuss a dystopian film with a story similar to "We". Examples include "Gattaca" and "Pleasantville".


Recreate the One State Gazette with news stories, photos, etc. based on the novel.


Using paper dolls, create "unifs" for the One State based on the information provided in the story.

Poetry Contest

Have a contest similar to the one in the story for poems extolling the...

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