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D-503 - The novel's protagonist, whose narrative is written in response to a call for literary works to send to distant planets aboard the Integral, the spacecraft he has designed and whose construction he oversees.

I-330 - A character with white, sharp teeth and a face that forms an irritating X. This character smokes and drinks alcohol in front of the narrator.

O-90 - A round, childlike character who is impregnated illegally.

R-13 - The narrator's best friend, a poet with "Negroid" lips who spits when he talks.

S-4711 - A hunchbacked, mysterious character who follows the narrator around and is described as having wing-like ears.

U- - A woman with gill-like cheeks who is the controller in the narrator's building.

The Second Builder - This character assists the narrator at work, and ends up knocking him unconscious during a mutiny attempt.

Taylor - The revered founder...

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