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Records 1-5

• The One State issues a proclamation announcing the construction of the Integral, a spaceship that will be sent to other civilizations.

• Citizens of the One State are to write poems, tracts, and other works praising the One State; thus prompting the narrative for "We", which is written by D-503, the builder of the Integral.

• The narrator goes for a walk with O-90, a female to whom he is registered for sexual days.

• During the walk, D-503 notices I-330, whose face he describes as X-shaped.

• I-330 tells D-503 to go to Auditorium 12 on the following day, assuring him that he will be assigned there.

• Realizing that he has not fully explained the ways of the One State to his audience, D-503 explains certain important processes: the use of pink coupons for sexual visits, the presence of the Green Wall as a barrier from the outside world, and...

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