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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What member of the family is missing at Michael Mulvaney Sr.'s funeral?
(a) Judd.
(b) Mike Jr.
(c) Patrick.
(d) Corrine.

2. Who offers to give Marianne a ride to her grandmother's funeral?
(a) Hewie, a Co-Op member.
(b) Abelove.
(c) Aunt Ethel.
(d) Her roommate Felice-Marie.

3. What happens when Patrick tells Zachary he's the brother of the girl he raped?
(a) Zachary apologizes.
(b) Zachary insists he never raped Marianne.
(c) Zachary laughs.
(d) Zachary asks which girl.

4. What does the old man call Judd?
(a) Kid or Sonny.
(b) Juddy-boy or Sonny.
(c) Sonny or Bud.
(d) Juddy-boy or Kid.

5. What does Judd reply when his mother tells him that his father loves him?
(a) That it's a lie.
(b) If his father loved him he wouldn't have beaten him.
(c) He says he doesn't know what he knows.
(d) He doesn't believe anything she says.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Marianne when she cries while shoveling snow?

2. Where is Judd to pick up the guns after Patrick is finished with them?

3. After Marianne arrives at the hospital, what does Judd tell her about their father?

4. What doesn't Marianne take with her?

5. What does Marianne decide after Judd tells her that their father is asking for her and only her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Abelove upset that Marianne accepts a ride from Hewie Miner to take her to her grandmother's funeral?

2. Why does Mike Jr. visit his father in Rochester?

3. What happens to Michael Sr. that finally initiates the phone call Marianne has been waiting for from her mother?

4. At what kind of place is Judd as he heads to the Fourth of July celebration in 1993?

5. What does Michael Sr. want done with his body after he dies?

6. What does Dr. Whittaker West do for Marianne that makes her very grateful?

7. In the chapter, "Tears," what is it that Marianne is patiently waiting for?

8. What bothers Judd the most after his father's death when they go to scatter his ashes?

9. What happens when Judd tries to protect his mother from his father's abuse?

10. What seems to be happening to Corrine in the chapter, "Hard Reckoning?"

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