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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Corrine say after they scatter her husband's ashes?
(a) This is funny.
(b) All the answers are correct.
(c) She can hear dad laughing.
(d) He'd think it was funny.

2. Where does Patrick expect to capture Zachary Lundt?
(a) At the country club.
(b) At the gym where Zachary works out.
(c) Cobb's Corner Inn.
(d) At the bog.

3. What finally happens while Marianne is working at Stump Creek Hill?
(a) Corrine calls to tell her she wants her to come home.
(b) Corrine calls to tell her to come to Rochester.
(c) Patrick shows up and suprises her.
(d) Judd comes for a visit.

4. What are Marianne's last thoughts as she leaves Abelove's office?
(a) She needed to see Hewie.
(b) That she wanted to tell all her friends at the Co-Op.
(c) That she couldn't wait to call home.
(d) None of the answers are correct.

5. How does Marianne meet Dr. Whittaker West?
(a) They are set up on a blind date.
(b) She is sick and needs a doctor.
(c) He's a vet and she takes Muffin there.
(d) He is her college professor.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Marianne respond to Abelove's personal question?

2. What duty of Birk's does Marianne take over that makes a huge difference at the Co-Op?

3. What has been happening with Corrine since her husband's death?

4. What does Abelove say that makes Marianne cry more?

5. How does Patrick feel as he drives away from the bog?

Short Essay Questions

1. What can be said about Michael Sr.'s life after he leaves Corrine?

2. Why does Mike Jr. visit his father in Rochester?

3. What does Corrine mean by Marianne's rag-quilt life?

4. What happens to Michael Sr. that finally initiates the phone call Marianne has been waiting for from her mother?

5. Why, if Abelove loves Marianne, doesn't he search harder for her after she leaves?

6. Why is Abelove upset that Marianne accepts a ride from Hewie Miner to take her to her grandmother's funeral?

7. What does Marianne do when Abelove's assistant, Birk, disappears?

8. How does Judd explain to Patrick about their mother's behavior on Sunday mornings?

9. What is the nightmare about that awakens a terrified Patrick just fifteen days before his plan to confront Zach Lundt?

10. Why does Marianne run away from the Green Isle Co-Op without a word to anyone?

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