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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do some of the people at the Co-Op suspect Abelove knows?
(a) He knows how to be invisible so he can hear everything they say.
(b) Everything about them.
(c) Government secrets.
(d) Their darkest secrets.

2. Who offers to give Marianne a ride to her grandmother's funeral?
(a) Aunt Ethel.
(b) Hewie, a Co-Op member.
(c) Abelove.
(d) Her roommate Felice-Marie.

3. What does Abelove say that makes Marianne cry more?
(a) He depends on her to do her job and not waste time crying.
(b) He says that if nothing makes her cry like she is, what might something do.
(c) He suggests she get a therapist.
(d) He tells her he knows why she is crying and wants to help.

4. What does Abelove say about Marianne's relationship with the Co-Op?
(a) He wanted her to be an Associate Director.
(b) He wanted her to take charge of the kitchen.
(c) He wanted to put her in charge of looking for benefactors.
(d) He wanted her to be manager of the gardens.

5. What happens after Patrick changes his thesis topic three times?
(a) He was told he had to do exactly what his adviser wanted or drop the course.
(b) He was notified he was failing the course.
(c) He was notified he'd been assigned a new adviser.
(d) He was told he could not change his mind again.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Corrine say after they scatter her husband's ashes?

2. What kind of day is it when they dispose of Michael's ashes?

3. On the morning following her trip to the funeral, what does Abelove ask Marianne about Hewie?

4. What do the brothers do for the first time before they part in the chapter titled, "The Handshake."

5. What does an elderly tenant have in the backyard of Judd's new home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Michael Sr. that finally initiates the phone call Marianne has been waiting for from her mother?

2. In the chapter, "Tears," what is it that Marianne is patiently waiting for?

3. What happens when Judd tries to protect his mother from his father's abuse?

4. Why is Abelove upset that Marianne accepts a ride from Hewie Miner to take her to her grandmother's funeral?

5. How does Patrick explain to Judd the reason he doesn't want to see their parents?

6. What seems to be happening to Corrine in the chapter, "Hard Reckoning?"

7. What is the nightmare about that awakens a terrified Patrick just fifteen days before his plan to confront Zach Lundt?

8. How does Corrine react to Judd's moving away from home?

9. What does Marianne do when Abelove's assistant, Birk, disappears?

10. What is happening to Marianne's grades in college and why is it happening?

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