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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Judd think when Corrine tells him that Patrick is going to be at the reunion?
(a) He couldn't wait to see him.
(b) He would have some choice words for him if he did.
(c) He hoped he didn't come.
(d) He doubted Patrick would be there.

2. What does Patrick start doing the winter before he executes his plan?
(a) Putting his thoughts in a journal.
(b) Spending more time in the lab.
(c) Working out at the gym.
(d) Running.

3. What does Michael Sr. want to have done with his ashes?
(a) To sprinkle them at his beloved Mt. Ephraim Country Club.
(b) Have his ashes scattered.
(c) To divide them up between them.
(d) To scatter them on their old farm.

4. Where does Michael Sr. live when his son, Mike, visits him?
(a) In the back room of the Golden Pavilion Chinese Restaurant.
(b) In a one-room apartment.
(c) Above the Golden Pavilion Chinese Restaurant.
(d) In the projects.

5. What does Corrine say to Judd when she invites him to a Fourth of July cookout?
(a) That it was finally time to celebrate.
(b) It was going to be a great feast.
(c) That it would also be a family reunion.
(d) That he should bring ice.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the chapter, "Intensive Care," what is happening to Michael Mulvaney, Sr.?

2. Why doesn't Judd recognize Patrick when they meet the night before Easter?

3. What warning does Marianne hear when people pay too much attention to her?

4. How does her roommate Felece-Marie react to Marianne's disappearance?

5. In the chapter titled, "Gone," what does Judd admit doing with his father's ashes?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is happening to Marianne's grades in college and why is it happening?

2. What does Marianne think will happen when she goes to her Grandmother Hauseman's funeral?

3. How does Judd explain to Patrick about their mother's behavior on Sunday mornings?

4. At what kind of place in her life is Corrine as she plans for the Fourth of July celebration in 1993?

5. In the chapter, "Tears," what is it that Marianne is patiently waiting for?

6. What makes Patrick decide to let Zach live?

7. How does Patrick explain to Judd the reason he doesn't want to see their parents?

8. What bothers Judd the most after his father's death when they go to scatter his ashes?

9. What happens after Michael Sr. files for bankruptcy?

10. How does Corrine react to Judd's moving away from home?

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