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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Patrick tell Judd when he asks why their father hates Marianne?
(a) Patrick says that their father doesn't hate her.
(b) Patrick says that nothing their father does makes sense.
(c) Patrick says their father feels guilty he didn't protect Marianne.
(d) Patrick says that their father is a drunk.

2. Where does Lydia Bethune say she has been seeing Marianne when she should have been in school?
(a) On the playground.
(b) St. Michael's Church.
(c) St. Ann's Church.
(d) In a back booth at the diner.

3. What does Marianne do when someone draws a nasty picture on the seat of her chair at school?
(a) Nothing, she doesn't see it.
(b) She runs out of the room in embarrasment.
(c) She starts to cry.
(d) She gets angry and scribbles over it.

4. What does Judd think bothers his brother, Mike, the most about their sister's rape?
(a) Judd thinks Mike is upset because he didn't protect her.
(b) Judd thinks Mike is taking the rape as a slap in his face.
(c) Judd thinks Mike is upset because everyone is making such a big thing out of it.
(d) Judd thinks Mike is upset because no one talks about it.

5. Who is Jill James?
(a) A friend of Corrine's from high school.
(b) The therapist Marianne is sent to see.
(c) Marianne's best friend.
(d) Marianne's homeroom teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does one realize about Judd in the opening of the chapter, "Every Heartbeat?"

2. What do Marianne's parents give her on her sixteenth birthday that she now fears is broken?

3. Where does most of the story take place?

4. What is the name of Corrine Mulvaney's shop?

5. The night Patrick is out with his friends, who does Patrick think he sees?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Michael's reaction when Mort Lundt explains that he grounded his son for six weeks as though what his son did was bad, but not criminal?

2. When Patrick speaks on the phone with his sister Marianne, what might be said about the background noise that is taking place at her end of the line?

3. What kind of relationship does Michael Sr. have with his own father?

4. In the chapter, "Imminent Mortality", how does Michael Sr. react to the news that his daughter has been raped?

5. Judd happens upon his father talking to his older brothers about some kind of secret. What is the discussion about and what is the significance of the discussion?

6. What is the family code discussed in the chapter by the same title, and in what way does Marianne break the code?

7. What exactly does Patrick mean when he says "execution of justice?"

8. After Corrine learns her daughter had been raped, what does she think about doing to cover for Marianne missing school?

9. What does Lydia Bethune tell Corrine about Marianne and what bothers her the most about the revelation?

10. Why is Judd so insistent to find out what has happened to his sister that he put the family in such a turmoil?

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