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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is written about Patrick Mulvaney's intelligence?
(a) He is a slow learner.
(b) He has a normal I.Q.
(c) He is a genious.
(d) He has an I.Q. of 151.

2. What does Michael do for what seems no apparent reason while at the Yankee Doodle Tap Room?
(a) He tears up his membership card and throws it at the club president.
(b) He throws the contents of his beer glass in Judge Gerald Kirkland's face.
(c) He gets so drunk he passes out.
(d) He gets up and sings "Yankee Doodle."

3. What is Judd thinking as he listens to his heartbeat?
(a) That he wanted to be a doctor someday.
(b) That he had a strong heartbeat.
(c) That he had a loud heartbeat.
(d) Every heatbeat is past and gone.

4. The night Patrick is out with his friends, who does Patrick think he sees?
(a) Mike Jr.
(b) Mick Jaggar.
(c) Zachary Lundt.
(d) Judd.

5. What words does Michael say at Schroon Lake that Corrine remembers twenty-four years later as she sits in Dr. Oakley's office?
(a) "Let's elope."
(b) "Love me! I'm more than enough."
(c) "Marry me. I'll love you forever."
(d) "Stay with me forever."

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Lundt do from another part of the house?

2. How many members of the Mulvaney family are there at the beginning of the story?

3. How does Judd find out what really happened to Marianne?

4. What does Marianne do when someone draws a nasty picture on the seat of her chair at school?

5. How does Corrine find out that Marianne has been raped?

Short Essay Questions

1. Judd happens upon his father talking to his older brothers about some kind of secret. What is the discussion about and what is the significance of the discussion?

2. What does Lydia Bethune tell Corrine about Marianne and what bothers her the most about the revelation?

3. In the chapter, "Every Heartbeat," what is it that Judd suddenly realizes?

4. What questions are triggered about himself as Patrick thinks about the drawing, "The Huntsman?"

5. What is revealed about Judd as he watches the dogs rush into the pond as they chase the doe he had been watching?

6. What exactly does Patrick mean when he says "execution of justice?"

7. Does Patrick set off the stink bomb perfectly timed to coincide with his valedictorian speech? And, if so, what reasons does he have to do it?

8. What happens at the rock concert that Patrick attends that Judd believes sets off a long series of criminal events in which he assisted Patrick?

9. What is Michael's reaction when Mort Lundt explains that he grounded his son for six weeks as though what his son did was bad, but not criminal?

10. What does Judd reveal in the extremely short chapter, "Gone?"

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