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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where does Marianne watch her grandmother's funeral?
(a) The last pew closest to the door so she could leave before anyone knew she was there.
(b) Outside the window of the church.
(c) Crouched behind a headstone in the cemetery.
(d) The choir loft where no one else was seated.

2. What happens when Abelove finds Marianne crying in the greenhouse?
(a) He pulls her onto his lap and tries to dry her tears.
(b) He laughs at her saying that crying is okay.
(c) He squats beside her and gently asks what is wrong.
(d) He pulls her into his arms and tries to kiss her.

3. What kind of day is it when they dispose of Michael's ashes?
(a) A rainy day in April.
(b) A windy October day.
(c) A sunny day in August.
(d) A snowy November day.

4. In the chapter titled, "Gone," what are the final words of the chapter about their father?
(a) He'll be missed.
(b) So tragic.
(c) Gone.
(d) So great a man.

5. How does her roommate Felece-Marie react to Marianne's disappearance?
(a) She's happy she'll have the room to herself.
(b) Baffled and numb.
(c) Worry and concern.
(d) With anger.

6. What has been happening with Corrine since her husband's death?
(a) She has opened her own antique shop in town.
(b) She shares a home and is in the antique business with her friend Sable Mills.
(c) She shares a home with a man named Gable Mills.
(d) She is engaged to be married.

7. What does Corrine say after they scatter her husband's ashes?
(a) This is funny.
(b) He'd think it was funny.
(c) All the answers are correct.
(d) She can hear dad laughing.

8. What happens on the first day of summer in the chapter titled, "On My Own"?
(a) Corrine files for divorce.
(b) Judd moves home again.
(c) Michael Sr. moves away.
(d) Michael Sr. files for bakruptcy.

9. What does Judd tell Patrick about their mother on Sunday mornings at church?
(a) It's like she's not really there, she just stares into space.
(b) It's like the pastor and his wife are her only friends.
(c) It's like she breaks down every Sunday morning.
(d) It's like she gets her strength from church.

10. What does Patrick mean by "Chance follows design"?
(a) No matter how you design something chance enters into it.
(b) First you design something then it's up to chance.
(c) Nothing is left to chance if it is carefully designed.
(d) You carefully plan something that looks like luck to an observer.

11. What does Judd reply when his mother tells him that his father loves him?
(a) If his father loved him he wouldn't have beaten him.
(b) That it's a lie.
(c) He says he doesn't know what he knows.
(d) He doesn't believe anything she says.

12. Why doesn't Judd recognize Patrick when they meet the night before Easter?
(a) Patrick is wearing a mask.
(b) Patrick has dyed hair.
(c) Patrick is wearing a disguise.
(d) Patrick is tougher looking and has a beard.

13. When does Abelove discover that Marianne has left the Co-Op?
(a) Late afternoon.
(b) Early evening.
(c) At dinner.
(d) Late in the day.

14. Why does Michael Sr. ask Mike about a white horse?
(a) Michael has been dreaming and in the dream is a white horse.
(b) White Horse is a cheap whiskey he wants his son to buy him.
(c) He's delirious.
(d) Michael is trying to change the subject from his drinking.

15. What finally happens while Marianne is working at Stump Creek Hill?
(a) Corrine calls to tell her she wants her to come home.
(b) Corrine calls to tell her to come to Rochester.
(c) Patrick shows up and suprises her.
(d) Judd comes for a visit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Stump Creek Hill?

2. Why does Judd finally leave home?

3. Where does Patrick decide he is going to take Zachary Lundt to get revenge?

4. What happens to Michael Sr. in Rochester?

5. What does Abelove tell everyone at the Co-Op after they discover Marianne is gone?

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