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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Abelove finds Marianne crying in the greenhouse?
(a) He pulls her into his arms and tries to kiss her.
(b) He pulls her onto his lap and tries to dry her tears.
(c) He squats beside her and gently asks what is wrong.
(d) He laughs at her saying that crying is okay.

2. On the morning following her trip to the funeral, what does Abelove ask Marianne about Hewie?
(a) What Hewie said about him while they were away.
(b) Why she asked him for a ride.
(c) If she loves Hewie.
(d) What Hewie did to her.

3. What does Corrine say to Judd when she invites him to a Fourth of July cookout?
(a) That he should bring ice.
(b) That it would also be a family reunion.
(c) That it was finally time to celebrate.
(d) It was going to be a great feast.

4. In the chapter titled, "Gone," what are the final words of the chapter about their father?
(a) So tragic.
(b) Gone.
(c) So great a man.
(d) He'll be missed.

5. Why does Michael Sr. ask Mike about a white horse?
(a) White Horse is a cheap whiskey he wants his son to buy him.
(b) Michael is trying to change the subject from his drinking.
(c) He's delirious.
(d) Michael has been dreaming and in the dream is a white horse.

6. What does Marianne do for work after leaving the Co-Op?
(a) She is a maid for a wealthy family.
(b) Marianne works as an assistant to Penelope Hagstrom, a poet and philanthropist.
(c) She is in college.
(d) She started painting.

7. What member of the family is missing at Michael Mulvaney Sr.'s funeral?
(a) Corrine.
(b) Mike Jr.
(c) Patrick.
(d) Judd.

8. What does Whit West do for Muffin?
(a) He puts Muffin to sleep.
(b) Muffin's kidney's are failing and he takes him for dialysis in Pittsburgh.
(c) He gives Muffin updated shots.
(d) There is nothing he can do.

9. How does Marianne meet Dr. Whittaker West?
(a) He is her college professor.
(b) He's a vet and she takes Muffin there.
(c) They are set up on a blind date.
(d) She is sick and needs a doctor.

10. Why does Marianne leave Penelope Hagstrom's?
(a) The woman wanted her to help with her poetry.
(b) The woman offered her a higher paid position.
(c) All the answers are correct.
(d) Penelope wanted Marianne to become associate director of her foundation.

11. What does Corrine say after they scatter her husband's ashes?
(a) She can hear dad laughing.
(b) This is funny.
(c) All the answers are correct.
(d) He'd think it was funny.

12. What does Aunt Ethel tell her about her mother?
(a) Her mother doesn't want her to attend her grandmother's funeral.
(b) Her mother wanted Aunt Ethel to call and tell her about her grandmother.
(c) Her mother wants her to attend her grandmother's funeral.
(d) That her mother is going to the funeral alone.

13. Where does Michael Mulvaney move after he leaves Corrine?
(a) Pittsburgh.
(b) Yewville.
(c) Erie.
(d) Ithaca.

14. The last time Marianne speaks to her mother, what does Corrine call Marianne's life?
(a) Strange.
(b) A waste.
(c) A rag-quilt life.
(d) Admirable.

15. What does Judd reply when his mother tells him that his father loves him?
(a) That it's a lie.
(b) If his father loved him he wouldn't have beaten him.
(c) He doesn't believe anything she says.
(d) He says he doesn't know what he knows.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the chapter titled, "Gone," what does Judd admit doing with his father's ashes?

2. Who offers to give Marianne a ride to her grandmother's funeral?

3. How does Judd explain what happens to their family?

4. What happens when Patrick tells Zachary he's the brother of the girl he raped?

5. What does an elderly tenant have in the backyard of Judd's new home?

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