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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of day is it when they dispose of Michael's ashes?
(a) A sunny day in August.
(b) A rainy day in April.
(c) A snowy November day.
(d) A windy October day.

2. What does Whit West do for Muffin?
(a) He gives Muffin updated shots.
(b) There is nothing he can do.
(c) He puts Muffin to sleep.
(d) Muffin's kidney's are failing and he takes him for dialysis in Pittsburgh.

3. What does Judd reply when his mother tells him that his father loves him?
(a) That it's a lie.
(b) If his father loved him he wouldn't have beaten him.
(c) He says he doesn't know what he knows.
(d) He doesn't believe anything she says.

4. Where does Patrick expect to capture Zachary Lundt?
(a) Cobb's Corner Inn.
(b) At the bog.
(c) At the country club.
(d) At the gym where Zachary works out.

5. What happens after Patrick changes his thesis topic three times?
(a) He was told he could not change his mind again.
(b) He was notified he'd been assigned a new adviser.
(c) He was told he had to do exactly what his adviser wanted or drop the course.
(d) He was notified he was failing the course.

6. What does Corrine say to Judd when she invites him to a Fourth of July cookout?
(a) That it would also be a family reunion.
(b) That it was finally time to celebrate.
(c) That he should bring ice.
(d) It was going to be a great feast.

7. How does her roommate Felece-Marie react to Marianne's disappearance?
(a) Worry and concern.
(b) She's happy she'll have the room to herself.
(c) Baffled and numb.
(d) With anger.

8. After Marianne arrives at the hospital, what does Judd tell her about their father?
(a) Their father is an alcoholic.
(b) Their father is a charity case.
(c) Their father is indigent.
(d) All the answers are correct.

9. Why does Patrick call the Lundts in March?
(a) To find out if Zachary would be home for Easter break.
(b) Gathering intelligence to use in court against them.
(c) Just to play with the family like a cat plays with a mouse.
(d) To find out where Zachary was now.

10. How does Patrick feel as he drives away from the bog?
(a) He is mad for not following through with his plan.
(b) He is feeling elated.
(c) He is upset that he killed someone.
(d) He is numb.

11. Why does Michael Sr. ask Mike about a white horse?
(a) White Horse is a cheap whiskey he wants his son to buy him.
(b) Michael is trying to change the subject from his drinking.
(c) Michael has been dreaming and in the dream is a white horse.
(d) He's delirious.

12. What does an elderly tenant have in the backyard of Judd's new home?
(a) A coop of chickens.
(b) A rocking chair.
(c) A small garden.
(d) A rabbit pen.

13. Why does Marianne always volunteer to chop onions at the Co-Op?
(a) Because no one else wants to chop them.
(b) Chopping helps get rid of her frustrations.
(c) Because she loves to cook.
(d) To hide her tears.

14. What member of the family is missing at Michael Mulvaney Sr.'s funeral?
(a) Corrine.
(b) Patrick.
(c) Judd.
(d) Mike Jr.

15. Who is the professor who serves as Patrick's adviser in college?
(a) Professor Herring.
(b) Doctor Henning.
(c) Doctor Herring.
(d) Professor Henning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marianne do after Whit tends to Muffin?

2. The last time Marianne speaks to her mother, what does Corrine call Marianne's life?

3. What does Judd think when Corrine tells him that Patrick is going to be at the reunion?

4. Where does Patrick decide he is going to take Zachary Lundt to get revenge?

5. Where is Judd to pick up the guns after Patrick is finished with them?

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