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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Judd referred to as the caboose?
(a) No particular reason, it just sounded cute.
(b) Judd is the last child born to Corrine and Michael Mulvaney.
(c) Because the caboose was his favorite car on his train.
(d) Because he liked to play with trains.

2. What is Corrine's nickname?
(a) Whistle.
(b) Curly.
(c) Pinch.
(d) Chickadee.

3. In the chapter titled, "Gone," where does Corrine take Marianne?
(a) To live with her grandmother in Salamanca, New York.
(b) To live with her maiden aunt.
(c) To live with her cousin in Erie, Pennsylvania.
(d) To live with her cousin in Salamanca, New York.

4. What is the name of the person Marianne is living with?
(a) Katrina Mulvaney.
(b) Grandma Hausmann.
(c) Ethel Mulaney.
(d) Ethel Hausmann.

5. After looking all over the bus terminal for Marianne, where does Patrick find her?
(a) Coming ouf of the restroom.
(b) Sleeping on a bench.
(c) Outside the terminal.
(d) She showed up at his apartment.

6. Why doesn't Patrick recognize Marianne when he finally sees her?
(a) She had gained weight.
(b) She had dyed her hair.
(c) She looked like a boy.
(d) She was taller than he remembered.

7. What does Judd say about setting down the truth of this story?
(a) Judd got some information first hand, and some from memory and conversations with family members.
(b) Most of the story is true, but he did fabricate some to make it interesting.
(c) This is a work of pure fiction.
(d) The story is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

8. When do Corrine and Michael first meet?
(a) 1955.
(b) 1952.
(c) 1954.
(d) 1949.

9. Where does Marianne work while she attends Kilburn College?
(a) She is interning for a local newspaper.
(b) She is a full time student and does not work.
(c) The Green Isle Co-Op.
(d) In her college cafeteria.

10. What happens when Marianne drops her garment bag?
(a) She grabs it back from Patrick and tells him to let her do it.
(b) She acts panicky, quickly refusing Patrick's help.
(c) She starts crying.
(d) She lets Patrick pick it up.

11. What does Judd say about the newspaper where he is editor?
(a) It is the only newspaper in town.
(b) It is a good, decent, truth-telling paper.
(c) It is a great place to get his start before moving on to a larger newspaper.
(d) It is the best newspaper in the county.

12. How is Michael Sr. greeted when he enters the Yankee Doodle Tap Room?
(a) One person pats him on the back and asks how Corrine is.
(b) The bartender tells him that he isn't welcome there anymore.
(c) His old friends say hello and even strangers nod.
(d) A few men nod, but most people try to ignore him.

13. What does Mike Jr. do after a fight with his father?
(a) He beats up his father.
(b) He runs away from home.
(c) He goes looking for Marianne.
(d) He joins the Marines.

14. What is said about Judd as a baby?
(a) Judd was a perfectly adorable baby.
(b) All the answers are correct.
(c) Marianne helped take care of him.
(d) Judd was devoted to his older siblings.

15. What does Marianne thank God for after the rape?
(a) She thanks God she is alive.
(b) She thanks God for the support of her family.
(c) She thanks God she is pretty.
(d) She thanks God that He loves her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Corrine think Michael is doing when he talks to an attorney?

2. What does Corrine find when she goes to pick up her husband after a late night call saying he couldn't drive home?

3. Who is Muffin?

4. What happens when Judd asks his mother if Marianne is sick?

5. What does Mrs. Lundt do from another part of the house?

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