We Were the Mulvaneys Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the title of the story imply in comparison to the title of the first chapter, "Storybook House?"

Because of the use of the word "were" in the title of the story, it is implied that either the members of the Mulvaney family were no more by the end of the novel, or something happened to them that caused them not to be the same as they once had been. Since the use of the word "we" is also in the title it can be assumed, without reading the novel, that the latter is the case and that whatever happens to the Mulvaney family has caused a drastic change.

2. What is revealed about Judd as he watches the dogs rush into the pond as they chase the doe he had been watching?

As Judd watches the dogs as they chase the doe Judd realizes that as much as he loves the nature around him, he might consider destroying part of it to protect another, weaker part, as is the case with the doe.

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