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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Huntsman: The Handshake.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If it is not time at High Point Farm, what is it?
(a) Times.
(b) Minutes.
(c) Seconds.
(d) Hours.

2. What does Marianne do when someone draws a nasty picture on the seat of her chair at school?
(a) She runs out of the room in embarrasment.
(b) She starts to cry.
(c) Nothing, she doesn't see it.
(d) She gets angry and scribbles over it.

3. When does Michael realize he is in love with Corrine?
(a) After swimming with Corrine in Schroon Lake.
(b) At first sight.
(c) After going to a dance at Schroon Lake with Corrine.
(d) After helping Corrine rescue a goose.

4. Where does Corrine learn her husband has been spending time?
(a) Wolf's Head Lodge.
(b) Wolf's Head Inn.
(c) The Country Club.
(d) Scroon Lake.

5. Why doesn't Judd recognize Patrick when they meet the night before Easter?
(a) Patrick is wearing a mask.
(b) Patrick has dyed hair.
(c) Patrick is wearing a disguise.
(d) Patrick is tougher looking and has a beard.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Marianne's parents give her on her sixteenth birthday that she now fears is broken?

2. What words does Michael say at Schroon Lake that Corrine remembers twenty-four years later as she sits in Dr. Oakley's office?

3. Why does Marianne like to do ironing?

4. What does Patrick mean by "Chance follows design"?

5. What do the brothers do for the first time before they part in the chapter titled, "The Handshake."

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