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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Pilgrim: Rag-Quilt Life.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To Judd, what does Patrick's request seem to be?
(a) Something that brothers do for one another.
(b) Something that only special friends do.
(c) A horrible thing.
(d) Something he didn't want to do.

2. When Corrine and Judd visit Marianne what does the Co-Op Director, Abelove, say that upsets Corrine?
(a) Abelove says he wants Marianne to quit college and work more at the Co-Op.
(b) Abelove says Marianne is a very poor student.
(c) Abelove says that all Marianne needs is faith in herself.
(d) Abelove says he wants to marry Marianne.

3. What does Mrs. Lundt do from another part of the house?
(a) Mrs. Lundt calls Corrine.
(b) Mrs. Lundt calls their lawyer.
(c) Mrs. Lundt calls the police.
(d) Mrs. Lundt decides to take a nap.

4. What does one realize about Judd in the opening of the chapter, "Every Heartbeat?"
(a) He is lazy.
(b) He is a dreamer.
(c) He is sneaky.
(d) He is a lonely boy.

5. In the chapter, "Rag-Quilt Life," what does Marianne say before she leaves the Co-Op?
(a) That she will be back.
(b) Goodbye.
(c) That she needs a vacation.
(d) Nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What words of Abelove's have a grimly prophetic tone?

2. What doesn't Marianne take with her?

3. What does Judd realize as he listens to his heartbeat?

4. When does Abelove discover that Marianne has left the Co-Op?

5. In the chapter, "The Assault," why does Michael Mulvaney go to Mort Lundt's house?

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