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Lesson 1

Objective: Family Pictures: Storybook House | Family Pictures: The Doe -- The story is introduced by Judd Mulvaney as he begins to tell the true story of his family, the Mulvaneys. The objective of this lesson is to determine why telling the truth is so important to Judd Mulvaney as he begins the story about his family.

1) Discussion Points and Questions:

> Who are the members of the Mulvaney family?
> Is there anything unusual about the family as the story opens?
> Why is Judd Mulvaney the one to tell his family's story?
> From where does Judd get his information?


1. Large group discussion. Using a white board, list what is learned about Judd Mulvaney in the first two chapters that may impact his being so determined that the truth about his family be told, "even if it hurts." What clues are offered in these chapters that may reveal why...

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