We Were the Mulvaneys Character Descriptions

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Michael Mulvaney, Sr. - This character is a husband and father of four who falls from grace in his community after his daughter's rape.

Corrine Mulvaney - This character is a wife and kindhearted mother of four who sticks by her man at the cost of her children.

Mike Mulvaney, Jr. - This character is the oldest son in a dysfunctional family and the first to leave. He eventually joining the Marines.

Patrick Mulvaney - This highly intelligent character is obsessed with avenging his sister's rape.

Marianne Mulvaney - This confused character drifts from place to place after she is banished from her home following her rape.

Judd Mulvaney - This character is the youngest child of the family in the story, the one who puts their "true" story down on paper.

Zachary Lundt - This character is the son of a successful businessman and is seemingly...

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