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Family Pictures: Storybook House | Family Pictures: The Doe

• The writer introduces the characters in the Mulvaney family.

• Judd Mulvaney, the youngest child, is the narrator of the novel.

• The Mulvaney family is a family admired by others.

Family Pictures: St. Valentine's 1976 | Family Pictures: Ringing the Cowbell

• Marianne Mulvaney, the lone daughter of the Mulvaneys, surprises her mother with a call for a ride home the morning after her high school Valentine's Dance.

• Her mother fails to notice a problem with that request, nor does she notice her daughter's unusual behavior.

• The middle brother, Patrick, is the one who is sent to pick up his sister and he, too, fails to notice anything wrong.

Family Pictures: Family Code | Family Pictures: Dirty Girl

• The family's habit of speaking to one another through their animals is broken by Marianne.

• The family thinks that is strange, but still doesn't pursue the issue...

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