Objects & Places from We Were Liars

E. Lockhart
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This is the house where Harris and Tipper stay on Beechwood Island. It becomes a symbol of greed after Tipper dies.

Beach Roses

These symbolize Gat and Cadence’s love for one another.

New Clairmont

This is built on the site of a house that was burned down. It seems to be intentionally uncomfortable as a penance.

Olive Green Hunting Jacket

This is something that Gat gives Cadence to wear one night when they talk about God.

Stack of Fairy Tale Books

These are something that Cadence’s father gave her the Christmas she was eight. She begins writing these and they help her regain her memories.

Ivory Goose

This is used to describe what causes Cadence’s headache. It is also something that her grandfather bought even though it was illegal.

Jug of Gasoline

This is something that Cadence remembers seeing Mirren holding. It is used...

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