We Were Liars Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

E. Lockhart
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Essay Topic 1

Except for Chapter 80, the novel is written in first person. How does the use of first person influence the story? How does that point of view determine how readers view the story, Cadence, and other characters in the book?

Essay Topic 2

Sinclairs are tall and blond. Cadence changes the only part of herself that she can. She colors her hair. What reasons does Cadence give for coloring her hair? What part of the Sinclairs is she trying to distance herself from? How is dying her hair supposed to help her be someone different? Is it just a physical different she is trying to get rid of? Why does she want to be someone different?

Essay Topic 3

Tipper dies before summer 15. What was Tipper’s role in the family? How did she unify the family? Why did the family facture after her death?

Essay Topic 4

The Sinclairs...

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