We Were Liars Character Descriptions

E. Lockhart
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Cadence Sinclair Eastman

This character is an only child, whose parents are divorced. Her family is wealthy and spends summers on an island they own. This character suffers from migraines and memory loss of the summer she was 15.

Harris Sinclair

This character is a wealthy grandfather. He owns an island where his family spends their summers. His wife dies and he changes into a manipulative person.

Jonathan “Johnny” Sinclair Dennis

This character is the oldest grandchild. His best friend is the nephew of his mother’s boyfriend. His grandfather tries to get him to interfere in his mother’s love life.

Mirren Sinclair Sheffield

This character has three siblings. She is described as being sugar, curiosity, and rain.

Gatwick Matthew Patil

This character is of Indian descent. He spends summers on the island because he is friends of a member of the family. He comes to love one of...

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