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Short Answer Questions

1. Who questions Andrei's right to have an opinion of his own?

2. According to Stepan, what does dying of "ceaseless toil" mean?

3. Why is Kira late coming home from work the day Vava was in Leo's room?

4. What does Leo buy once he has money?

5. Who does Kira meet that is against the Communist Party?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kira and Andrei's relationship change the night he confesses why he had to stop seeing her?

2. What does Katia tell Sasha one evening after Irina says she fears he will be exiled?

3. What happens to Kira at the House of Peasants that worries her?

4. Why does Andrei say Kira cannot return his love?

5. How is Kira's influence over Andrei shown during the report on the agrarian situation?

6. What happens when Kira comes home after Victor's wedding party?

7. What steps does Kira take to try to send Leo to a sanatorium?

8. What does Kira reveal to Andrei about the night he said he loved her?

9. How does Kira put Andrei's life in danger by sharing a secret?

10. How does Andrei treat Kira in Part Two, Chapters 1 - 4?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many objects are symbolic of the major themes in "We the Living". Choose at least three symbolic objects and describe what they represent, and how they are representative in the novel. Consider the impact on the characters as well as the reader.

Essay Topic 2

How does Andrei change during "We the Living"? Comment on his ideals, personality, emotions, etc. Please describe the events or people that contribute to Andrei's changes as well.

Essay Topic 3

Alexander and Galina respond to the many changes of this novel in their own way. How do they adapt to the move in and out of hiding, the new government, new jobs, and changes to their family structure? Reflect on how each character's ideals and beliefs change, or remain unchanged, in response to these new situations.

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