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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Kira that he trusts her, although he doesn't know why?

2. How does Victor respond to Kira's plans for her life?

3. Why does Lydia tell Kira that wicked women like her should not be allowed to live?

4. What is the relationship between Victor and Kira?

5. How does Kira try to have Marisha thrown out of the apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the men who shovel snow reveal about Communism?

2. How does Kira feel toward Victor and his advances?

3. Why are Alexander and Vasili reluctant to join the Communist Party?

4. What does Kira pretending to be a prostitute reveal about her?

5. How might Kira's family feel in the first three chapters?

6. What happens when Alexander closes his textile shop?

7. What happens to Leo's father's apartment?

8. Why does Leo feel there is much against him and Kira?

9. Why does Maria hide her handkerchiefs?

10. What is contradictory about Kira declaring her devotion to Leo?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Communist Party takes part in several "purges" in "We the Living". What does the word "purge" mean? What emotions are reflected in the word? Describe the purges and the outcomes. What is the implication of a purge? Can a society truly purge itself? Is it better to try to purge, or just accept? Use examples from the novel to support your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

At the conclusion of "We the Living", Kira tries to escape. Who else tries to escape in this novel? Describe their attempts and outcomes. Why does each character try to escape? What does their escape and outcome represent?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Leo and Andrei as suitors for Kira. Consider them in terms of: emotions, actions, position in society, opinion, and relationships with others. Who do you think is best for Kira, and why?

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