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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Kira's family react to Andrei?

2. What does Kira find to be "ignoble"?

3. Why does Kira pretend to be a prostitute?

4. What happens when Kira meets Leo for the second time?

5. Who says they cannot take on the duties of the G.P.U. again?

Short Essay Questions

1. How might Kira's family feel in the first three chapters?

2. Why does Victor say that Kira's wish to become an engineer is inappropriate?

3. What is interesting about Kira and Andrei's relationship?

4. What happens when Alexander closes his textile shop?

5. How does Stepan help Leo and Kira after he barges into their cabin?

6. What do the men who shovel snow reveal about Communism?

7. How does Kira's family respond to her goal of becoming an engineer?

8. What does Kira realize, after becoming more comfortable with her living conditions, about Communism?

9. How does Kira feel toward Victor and his advances?

10. What is significant about Kira deciding to leave with Leo?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider the many romantic relationships at play in "We the Living". Compare and contrast three of these relationships. What is each member's purpose in the relationship? Is the relationship a success or a failure? What impact does the relationship have on others? What does each relationship reflect about life in Russia at this time?

Essay Topic 2

Victor works hard to succeed in the Communist Party. Trace his steps and the impact his rise has on the people around him. What does Victor represent in Communism? What does his character help to reveal about Communism?

Essay Topic 3

Leo is one of the most dynamic characters in "We the Living". Consider Leo's life in terms of the following: his family history, his relationship with Kira, his relationship with women, and his desire to get ahead in life. Is Leo tragic?

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