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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who asks a clerk for an extra week's ration card?
(a) Galina.
(b) Lydia.
(c) Kira.
(d) Leo.

2. What does Victor study?
(a) Engineering.
(b) Law.
(c) Victor does not go to school.
(d) Art.

3. Why does Kira's family travel on the "threshold of a box car"?
(a) Because it was the newest way to travel.
(b) Because they were late arriving to the station.
(c) Because it was cheaper.
(d) Because there were not enough seats in the passenger cars.

4. Who says "easier to get one--than two--out of the G.P.U."?
(a) Kira.
(b) Stepan.
(c) Leo.
(d) Andrei.

5. What is Leo not allowed to see Kira do?
(a) Study.
(b) Cook.
(c) Sleep.
(d) Get dressed.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Kira?

2. Where does Kira's family stay in the city?

3. What does Kira say she wants to do with her life?

4. What does Kira find to be "ignoble"?

5. How does Kira's father get the apartment?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Alexander closes his textile shop?

2. How are Sonia and Kira different?

3. What is the purpose of the House of the Peasant?

4. How does Kira feel toward Victor and his advances?

5. What makes Andrei different from many other Communist supporters?

6. What happens between Kira and the British woman?

7. Why does Kira's sister say that Kira always gets her way?

8. What is significant about Kira deciding to leave with Leo?

9. What does Kira realize, after becoming more comfortable with her living conditions, about Communism?

10. Why are Alexander and Vasili reluctant to join the Communist Party?

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