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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kira do during Leo's absence?
(a) She stays home alone.
(b) She finds a new job.
(c) She starts a business.
(d) She lives with Andrei.

2. What does Kira ask Leo to do after his night at the casino?
(a) Kira asks Leo to give the money to Pavel.
(b) Kira asks Leo to stop the food store business.
(c) Kira asks Leo to leave Russia with her.
(d) Kira asks Leo not to go out with Tonia again.

3. What does Kira say lies in education?
(a) Hope for the future.
(b) Her life.
(c) The power of the state.
(d) Money.

4. How does Andrei describe Kira's feelings for him the night they go to the club?
(a) He says he is disappointed.
(b) He says it is impossible.
(c) He says he isn't surprised.
(d) He says it is great.

5. How does Leo feel about Tonia?
(a) He says he needs to meet her more than once to know how he feels.
(b) He feels she is useless to him.
(c) He feels she has good connections.
(d) He feels jealous.

6. Why does Victor feel he might get a better job?
(a) Because a better job opened up.
(b) Because he has a degree.
(c) Because he has worked hard.
(d) Because he told on Irina.

7. What does Andrei confess he is worried about when Kira pretends to attend a meeting, but visits him instead?
(a) German counter-revolutionaries.
(b) The future of the Communist Party.
(c) His relationship with Kira.
(d) Leo's safety.

8. How does Kira feel about the food store?
(a) She says he'd be smart to take part in it.
(b) She says Leo is putting his life on the line.
(c) She has no opinion.
(d) She says she isn't sure how she feels yet.

9. Who does Leo meet in the sanatorium?
(a) A young woman.
(b) His long-lost aunt.
(c) A priest.
(d) A wealthy woman.

10. What does Andrei ask Kira when he gives her a nightgown?
(a) Andrei asks Kira to lie for him.
(b) Andrei asks Kira to leave Leo.
(c) Andrei asks Kira to marry him and move from Russia.
(d) Andrei asks Kira to help hide him from the Communist Party.

11. Who joins the Communist Party?
(a) Victor.
(b) Kira.
(c) Leo.
(d) Andrei.

12. Why does Andrei decide to investigate the food store?
(a) To test the Communist Party.
(b) To impress Kira.
(c) To start a fight with Pavel.
(d) To put Leo out of business.

13. What does Kira point out about her presence in Andrei's life?
(a) That she won't be good for his career.
(b) That she is good for him as a person.
(c) That she wants to see him more.
(d) That she is only in it some of the time.

14. Why is Leo likely to be the only one to stand trial after the investigation in the food store?
(a) Because he doesn't have any good connections.
(b) Because Andrei wanted it that way.
(c) Because it is registered in his name.
(d) Because Pavel is bringing him to trial.

15. Who gets arrested an hour before their train departs?
(a) Sasha.
(b) Leo.
(c) Kira.
(d) Victor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the G.P.U. offer Andrei when they ask him to drop his investigation of the food store?

2. What happens to Kira at the Institute?

3. Who discovers Victor in Marisha's room?

4. Why does Kira need more money after she and Leo are expelled?

5. Why does Kira wear old clothes to work?

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