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The city where Kira Argounova lives with her family until the Civil War in Russia drives them out of their home.

Song of the Little Apple

This is a sign of the revolution that no one seems to know what it means, yet everyone understands.


A song of nationalism that Kira tries not to listen to.

Argounov's Navy Soap

The business enterprise started by Kira's father after his textile shop fails.

Gorokhovaia 2

The place where Kira believes she'll find information about Leo following his arrest.


A small stove that burns kerosene and seems similar to a camp stove.

Nikolaevsky Station

The place where food sometimes arrives from the countryside.


A southern region where Kira's family are during a period of the war, and where Leo goes when he's diagnosed with tuberculosis.


Where many are exiled for counter-revolutionary activities, including Irina and Sasha.


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