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Essay Topic 1

Alexander and Galina respond to the many changes of this novel in their own way. How do they adapt to the move in and out of hiding, the new government, new jobs, and changes to their family structure? Reflect on how each character's ideals and beliefs change, or remain unchanged, in response to these new situations.

Essay Topic 2

Using details from the novel, describe what you think Russia would look like if it were NOT a Communist country. How would Kira's ideals translate into a government? What would daily life be like? How would this differ from the Russia of "We the Living"?

Essay Topic 3

How does Andrei change during "We the Living"? Comment on his ideals, personality, emotions, etc. Please describe the events or people that contribute to Andrei's changes as well.

Essay Topic 4

As "We the Living" progresses, Communism's ideals are slowly dissolved and...

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