We the Living Character Descriptions

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Kira Argounova

This character is willing to do anything for the person she loves, including leaving her family behind.

Leo Kovalensky

This character spends money wildly after becoming involved in a smuggling scheme with two Communist office holders.

Andrei Taganov

This member of the Red Party ends up blackmailing other Communist officers.


This character studies at the Technology Institute and gives "tips" to officials that lead to the arrest of family members.

Galina Petrovna Argounova

This character eventually adapts to the Communist way of life, becoming a teacher and being active in the social scene.

Maria Petrovna Dunaev

This character is reduced to the level of a pauper after leading an affluent life.

Vasili Ivanovitch Dunaev

This character doesn't work, refusing to have anything to do with the new regime, and says that he'll one day open his store again as a fur dealer.

Pavel Syerov


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