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Justin Torres
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Manny, the narrator's eldest brother, have to get in the middle of the night from the neighbor's for a birthday?
(a) Frosting and candles.
(b) A cup of sugar.
(c) A glass dish.
(d) A stick of butter.

2. What does Ma break after seeing her face all bruised and swollen in the mirror?
(a) A chair over Paps' head.
(b) A brass-handled mirror.
(c) A plate against the wall.
(d) A clock on the cold tile floor.

3. After reading Chapter 1, WE WANTED MORE, what point of view is the novel being told from?
(a) Third person point of view.
(b) Third person omniscient point of view.
(c) First person point of view.
(d) Second person point of view.

4. Why does Manny crawl into bed with his brother at the beginning of the story?
(a) Manny is afraid of the dark.
(b) Manny wants to tell them a story.
(c) Manny does not have his own bed.
(d) Manny wants body heat.

5. How does the narrator know Paps and Ma are fighting when Paps returns home in Chapter 9, TALK TO ME?
(a) The narrator is in the kitchen and can hear Ma crying.
(b) He can hear them outside on the porch.
(c) Paps is shouting.
(d) He hears them stomping around and furniture tumbling.

6. Why is the Chapter 2 called, NEVER-NEVER TIME?
(a) The boys chant this to Ma after squirting her.
(b) It is a nickname for the days when the boys do not have to go to school.
(c) The boys worry that time will end, and they will die.
(d) The boys never feel seen or heard by Ma and Paps.

7. How does Ma feel about the phone ringing in Chapter 9, TALK TO ME?
(a) She shows no emotion.
(b) Scared.
(c) Happy.
(d) Annoyed.

8. When Paps and the brothers return home from Paps' job in Chapter 11, NIGHT WATCH, what are they shouting?
(a) "He crying?" (58).
(b) "No More Crying! No More Crying!" (59).
(c) "Thump, thump, thump" (58).
(d) "Stop, stop" (59).

9. In the opening of Chapter 2, NEVER-NEVER TIME, why are the brothers wearing raincoats?
(a) Because there are leaks all over the house, and they may get wet.
(b) Because Ma will not let them take the raincoats off.
(c) Because they spray water on each other as a game.
(d) Because they are smashing tomatoes in the kitchen and the guts will ruin their clothes.

10. Why is it unusual that Paps knows how to swim?
(a) Because he is from Canada.
(b) Because he grew up away from the water.
(c) Because he is afraid of drowning.
(d) Because he has never seen water before.

11. Instead of immediately searching for the brothers after the bath, what do Paps and Ma do?
(a) Paps leaves the bathroom and Ma puts on her make-up.
(b) Paps dances with Ma to music.
(c) Kissing and moaning.
(d) Paps finishes cleaning the bathroom, while Ma watches and sings.

12. What role does the narrator play in the "magic of God" (25)?
(a) The Son.
(b) God.
(c) The Father.
(d) The Holy Spirit.

13. How does the reader know how Old Man feels about the brothers?
(a) Old Man tells the brothers that they will see the locusts, "by the by" (34) just like the brothers.
(b) Old Man calls the brothers useful and hardworking.
(c) Old Man calls the brothers, "castaways, stowaways, hideaways, fugitives, punks, city slickers, and bastards" (35).
(d) Old Man draws the brothers pictures of how the brothers compare to locusts.

14. What are Ma and Paps doing in the bathroom while the brothers bathe in Chapter 10, YOU BETTER COME??
(a) Arguing about money.
(b) Ma and Paps are both washing the boys.
(c) Flirting and playing with each other.
(d) Ma is doing her make-up, and Paps is fixing the plumbing.

15. What does the word "rappel" most likely mean on Page 25?
(a) "Assimilate."
(b) "Ascend."
(c) "Rise."
(d) "Descend."

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the brothers hide after their bath in Chapter 10, YOU BETTER COME?

2. Why does Lina, Ma's co-worker, come to the narrator's house?

3. How does Ma describe the difference between loving younger sons to older ones?

4. What is the weather like when the narrator's family goes to the lake?

5. Why do the brothers have to get up quickly and leave Paps' work in Chapter 11, NIGHT WATCH?

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