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Justin Torres
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator know Paps and Ma are fighting when Paps returns home in Chapter 9, TALK TO ME?
(a) He hears them stomping around and furniture tumbling.
(b) Paps is shouting.
(c) He can hear them outside on the porch.
(d) The narrator is in the kitchen and can hear Ma crying.

2. What promise does Paps eventually make to Ma about the truck?
(a) He will return the truck the next day.
(b) He will buy Ma her own car.
(c) He will make seatbelts for the boys.
(d) He will sell the truck for more money.

3. Whys is Ma upset that Paps gets a new truck for the family?
(a) Paps stole the truck.
(b) The truck does not have enough seats or seatbelts for the boys.
(c) Paps wasted all of their savings on a fancy truck.
(d) She wanted a car - not a truck.

4. What do the brothers give the pregnant woman outside the drugstore?
(a) An adult magazine.
(b) Money for rent.
(c) Milk for her baby.
(d) Change for her baby.

5. How does Ma respond when Manny asks worriedly if Paps is having a heart attack in Chapter 9, TALK TO ME?
(a) "That's all there is" (40).
(b) "What heart?" (41).
(c) Ma "unlaced her work boots, slipped off her socks, and massaged her feet" (40).
(d) Ma dismisses Manny.

6. What does the pregnant woman tell the brothers about babies outside the drugstore?
(a) All babies have daddies.
(b) The brothers need to get away from her.
(c) She needs money for diapers.
(d) All babies are Christian.

7. Why are grocery stores and banks closed when Ma takes her sons to run errands?
(a) Because they closed down before the family arrives.
(b) Because it is the middle of the night.
(c) Because it is a holiday.
(d) because it is Sunday.

8. When Paps and the brothers return home from Paps' job in Chapter 11, NIGHT WATCH, what are they shouting?
(a) "He crying?" (58).
(b) "Stop, stop" (59).
(c) "No More Crying! No More Crying!" (59).
(d) "Thump, thump, thump" (58).

9. On the last page of Chapter 11, NIGHT WATCH, what is Paps sad/worried about?
(a) That the family, and more importantly, the brothers will never escape this difficult life.
(b) That the family will not be able to pay rent.
(c) Whether the brothers will have to go live with their grandparents.
(d) Whether Ma will leave him.

10. What does Manny say about Paps disappearance in Chapter 8, OTHER LOCUSTS?
(a) Manny tells the narrator that Paps "was still broken, still dead-eyed, but not dead" (36).
(b) Manny tells the boys that Paps "yelled that one word over and over, stop, stop, stop" (37).
(c) Manny tells the boys that Paps "don't know shit" (37).
(d) Manny says that "he'd picked up with another woman" (36).

11. What color is the family's new truck?
(a) Blood orange.
(b) Fire engine red.
(c) Cobalt blue.
(d) Dark rusty brown.

12. How does Ma feel about the phone ringing in Chapter 9, TALK TO ME?
(a) She shows no emotion.
(b) Annoyed.
(c) Scared.
(d) Happy.

13. Why is Ma worried about the brothers' bath in Chapter 10, YOU BETTER COME?
(a) Ma is worried that the brothers will catch "pneumonia" (46) from the cold water.
(b) Ma is concerned about the brothers, because the brothers were "clean and fed and not afraid of growing up" (47).
(c) Ma is scared that the brothers "couldn't comprehend what was..." (46) happening.
(d) Ma is stressed that the brothers are "sneaky," (47) and will play a trick on her.

14. Where is Lina from?
(a) China.
(b) New York.
(c) The paper mill.
(d) The drugstore.

15. What does Ma compare to the boys' faces being messy in Chapter 2, NEVER-NEVER TIME?
(a) The birth of baby robins.
(b) The way they looked when they were born.
(c) The family's sullied house.
(d) Snow falling from the sky and hitting the ground.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the brothers ask strangers to buy them outside the drugstore in Chapter 5, US PROPER?

2. What job does Paps finally get?

3. When the boys' father, Paps, comes home, how does he punish his sons?

4. How does the narrator know that Ma is delighted when Paps returns at the start of Chapter 10, YOU BETTER COME?

5. What state do Ma and Paps travel to to get married?

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