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NoViolet Bulawayo
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"Hitting Budapest"

• In “Hitting Budapest,” the reader is introduced to the first-person narrator and protagonist of the novel, ten-year-old Darling.

• Darling lives in the shantytown village of Paradise in politically torn and poverty-ridden Zimbabwe.

• Darling and her friends Bastard, Godknows, Chipo, Stina, and Sbho go against their parents’ orders to cross into a wealthier neighborhood called Budapest, where they go regularly to steal guavas.

• The children discuss the sex of Chipo’s coming baby; Chipo is 11 years old and stopped speaking once her pregnancy began to show.

• In Budapest, the children encounter a strange woman who is from London and asks to take the children’s picture.

• The children acquiesce, but then walk away and shout insults at the woman, angered that she did not offer them the remainder of the food she was eating but instead threw it away.

• The children discuss their desires to escape the...

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