We Have Always Lived in the Castle Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Mary Katherine wonder about the library books in Chapter 1?

In Chapter 1, Mary Katherine's library books have been sitting on the kitchen shelf for five months. She wonders if she would have chosen different books if she had known that they would be the last books that she would check out of the library.

2. What was Mary Katherine's routine when she visited the village?

Mary Katherine's routine for visiting the village was to go every Tuesday and Friday, and to visit the library, grocery store, and to stop at Stella's coffee shop before heading home.

3. How does Stella act around Mary Katherine in Chapter 1?

Stella treats Mary Katherine politely, but it is clear that Stella is not comfortable around Mary Katherine.

4. What are Mary Katherine's thoughts about the Rochester house?

Mary Katherine explains that the Rochester house is the nicest house in the village. Her mother was a Rochester, and so Mary Katherine believes that the house should belong to her sister Constance by rights.

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