Objects & Places from We Have Always Lived in the Castle

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Object Descriptions

The Rochester House - Merricat says that by rights, this should belong to Constance.

The Blackwood House - This is located on the way to the highway from the village.

Stella's Coffee Shop - This is where Merricat stops after she has gone to the library and the grocery store.

Preserves - This is what is kept in the Blackwood cellar.

Arsenic - This is what was used to kill the Blackwood family.

The Dining Room - This is where Julian re-enacts the murder scene for Mrs. Wright.

Wheelchair - This is what Julian relies on to get around.

Garden - This is where Constance works nearly every day.

Gold Watch Chain - This is what Merricat takes from her father's room and hangs from a tree.

Mr. Blackwood's Study - This is where the Blackwoods' safe is located.

Thursday - This is what Merricat believes is...

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