We Have Always Lived in the Castle Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Mary Katherine Blackwood - This character buries things all over the Blackwood property.

Constance Blackwood - This character was put on trial for murder.

Julian Blackwood - This character is confined to a wheelchair.

Charles Blackwood - This character is greedy and wants to get the Blackwoods' money.

Stella - This character owns the coffee shop.

Mr. Elbert - This character owns the grocery store.

Mrs. Donell - This character is a village gossip.

Jim Donell - This character is the village fire chief.

Helen Clarke - This character comes once a week to the Blackwood house for tea.

Lucille Wright - This character is an uninvited guest to tea at the Blackwood house.

Jonas - This character is a dearly loved pet.

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