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Chapter 1

• Mary Katherine Blackwood is an eighteen year old girl who lives with her sister Constance.

• It has been five months since the library books have been set on the kitchen shelf.

• Mary Katherine recalls the Friday in April when she last went to the library. It was her routine to go to the village, visit the library, grocery store and Stella's coffee shop.

• Mary Katherine explains that the Rochester house is the nicest in the village, that her mother was a Rochester and she thinks, by rights, Constance should own the house.

• Mary Katherine hates the villagers. She finds them mean and detestable.

• Mary Katherine plays a game while shopping to distract herself from the villagers. She imagines she is in a board game.

• Mary Katherine recalls the fire chief, Jim Donell, teasing her. She wishes him dead.

• Mary Katherine imagines her house on the moon where...

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