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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the death of the school bully that the Avenger killed is reported in the paper, it is noted that the weapon was stolen from whose apartment a month earlier?
(a) Randy Pierce’s
(b) Mickey Stallings’s
(c) Marty Sanders’s
(d) Louis Kendrick’s

2. Where did Harry get the fireworks that he presents to Buddy and the gang in Part One?
(a) Vermont
(b) New Hampshire
(c) Wyoming
(d) Montana

3. How does the narrator describe Buddy’s mother in Part One?
(a) Fat and slovenly
(b) Classless and cold
(c) Slim and elegant
(d) Dirty and addiction-riddled

4. Of the Avenger, the narrator says in Part One, “He was good at planning. His mother called it” what?
(a) Daydreaming
(b) Organization
(c) Being studious
(d) Being lazy

5. Who was the pastor at Jane’s old Methodist church in Monument, according to the narrator in Part One?
(a) Pastor William Smith
(b) Pastor Paul Skawinski
(c) Pastor Steven Williams
(d) Pastor Michael James

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jane recall her father having been transferred from when they relocated to this town in Part One?

2. Buddy Walker is described as breaking “the mirror of the girl’s bedroom, using” what, in Part One?

3. Where do Buddy and his friends drive after leaving the Jerome house in shambles and Karen in the cellar in Part One?

4. On what holiday does the narrator describe the home invasion taking place in the beginning of Part One?

5. How old is Jane Jerome in the beginning of We All Fall Down?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the relationship between Buddy Walker and Jane Jerome begin in Part Two?

2. How does the Avenger cover up the murder of Vaughn Masterson?

3. How does the author effectively draw the reader into the story in Part One?

4. What are the central societal issues faced by the main characters in We All Fall Down?

5. Is the violence in We All Fall Down portrayed in a realistic manner? How would you describe its characterization?

6. Where does the Avenger spend much of his time trying to track down the vandals who destroyed the Jerome home in Part One? What impression does he have when he encounters Jane Jerome here?

7. How is Buddy Walker’s descent into alcoholism described in Part One? What led Buddy to begin drinking?

8. At what time do the home invaders depart the Jerome home in the beginning of Part One? What damage is left in their wake?

9. When, precisely, do the vandals break into the Jerome home in the beginning of Part One? Who encounters them as they are vandalizing the house?

10. What information does Mr. Jerome relate to the police detective after the vandalism in Part One?

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