Objects & Places from We All Fall Down

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Burnside High

This is the school that Jane Jerome attends in We All Fall Down.

Monument High

This is the school that Jane Jerome attended prior to her father's transfer in the novel.


This is where the mall that Jane's friends introduced her to is located. She describes shopping here at Filene's and Brooks.

The ConCenter

This is the name of the venue where "all the big stars appeared" including New Kids on the Block, Billy Joel, and Madonna.

Jedson Park

This is where Buddy and his friends stop to clean up after trashing the Jerome home and attacking Karen Jerome.

Lucy Perry Elementary School

This is the school that the Avenger attends when he kills the school bully.


This is the weapon that the Avenger uses to kill the school bully.

The First Congregational Church

This is the location where Vaughn Masterson's funeral is held...

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