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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lady Wishfort convinces herself that her daughter is innocent in a soliloquy. What is a soliloquy?
(a) A speech defending one's position before the other characters.
(b) A speech given by a character to reveal his or her thoughts to the audience, but not to other characters.
(c) A short speech to another character.
(d) A heartfelt speech aimed at convincing the audience of one's justification in a certain act.

2. What is the consequence of the revelation made by Mirabell concerning Mrs. Fainall?
(a) Lady Wishfort says she must give Mrs. Millamant to Mirabell.
(b) Mrs. Millamant refuses to marry Sir Wilfull.
(c) Fainall and Marwood become resigned to their failure.
(d) Sir Wilfull decides to marry Lady Wishfort.

3. Which character(s) leave the dining room in Act 4, Scene 2?
(a) Sir Wilfull.
(b) Lady Wishfort.
(c) Mrs. Millamant and Mrs. Fainall.
(d) Witwoud.

4. What does the expression 'errant knave' mean?
(a) A man of high birth.
(b) A chivalrous man.
(c) A fool on a mission.
(d) A ladies' champion.

5. Which room in Lady Wishfort's house is the setting for Act 4, Scene 2?
(a) The dining room.
(b) The conservatory.
(c) The parlor.
(d) The drawing room.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lady Wishfort doing as Act 4, Scene 2 commences?

2. All of the following characteristics of Lady Wishfort's girlish excitement at Sir Rowland's visit are revealed except one. Which characteristic is not true of Lady Wishfort?

3. How do we know Lady Wishfort has not read the entire letter?

4. What does Congreve believe about good satirists?

5. What qualities is the proposed marriage between Sir Rowland and Lady Wishfort rooted in?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Act 4, Scene 2 opens Waitwell seems to be successful in his pursuit of Lady Wishfort. Why is this so? What is Lady Wishfort's reaction?

2. Explain Mrs. Fainall's relief at not being found out by her mother.

3. Lay out Fainall's demands to keep his knowledge about his wife from society. Is this a reasonable revenge or not?

4. Does Congreve achieve his purpose with the endless teasing of Sir Wilfull by his half-brother Witwoud and Petulant?

5. How do critics today differ from Congreve's description of them?

6. Is Mirabell's elaborate plot going to be successful? Explain why or why not?

7. As a play, The Way of the World met with little success. However, critics believe it is one of the best comedies of manners ever written. Why do you think there is such a difference in opinion between audiences and critics?

8. What is the significance of the black box?

9. Why is this play considered to be universal instead of simply a Restoration comedy of manners?

10. Discuss Lady Wishfort's plans for receiving Sir Rowland. Why are the plans so elaborate?

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