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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was the cologne given to the footmen?
(a) To give the footmen a little bonus.
(b) To add to the elegance of the party.
(c) To disguise bodily odor.
(d) To prevent the footmen from smelling like stable hands.

2. To keep Mrs. Fainall's infidelity secret, Fainall demands all of the following concessions except one item? What is it?
(a) Lady Wishfort's estate after her death.
(b) A divorce from his wife.
(c) Mrs. Fainall's fortune.
(d) Mrs. Millamant's dowry.

3. What is Lady Wishfort doing as Act 4, Scene 2 commences?
(a) Chatting casually.
(b) Playing cards with her guests.
(c) Having tea with her guests.
(d) Lecturing Sir Wilfull on his drunkenness.

4. Why did Congreve use the epilogue?
(a) It provided the opportunity for a pre-planned response to his critics.
(b) To defy the critics by ranting against their analysis.
(c) It satisfied his need for self-justification.
(d) To urge the critics to praise his play.

5. What else does Sir Wilfull say when he apologizes for his drunken behavior?
(a) Promises that he will never drink again.
(b) Says he is ready to marry Mrs. Millamant.
(c) Claims he must continue with his travels.
(d) States that he is leaving on his travels.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mrs. Millamant react to Mirabell's visit and finishing the poem she is reciting?

2. Why does Lady Wishfort dismiss Foible?

3. Why is the Fainall marriage over?

4. What does Mrs. Millamant achieve when she renounces Mirabell?

5. Why does Congreve say these critics should be the subject of onstage satire?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Mrs. Fainall's relief at not being found out by her mother.

2. Is Mirabell's elaborate plot going to be successful? Explain why or why not?

3. Why do we feel sympathy for Lady Wishfort even though she is vain and is berating a servant at the beginning Act 5, Scene 1?

4. Does Congreve achieve his purpose with the endless teasing of Sir Wilfull by his half-brother Witwoud and Petulant?

5. Compare Congreve's opinions on love, marriage, and honesty with another play, novel, movie, etc. you know well.

6. Discuss Lady Wishfort's plans for receiving Sir Rowland. Why are the plans so elaborate?

7. Why is this play considered to be universal instead of simply a Restoration comedy of manners?

8. Discuss Lady Wishfort's character as it has developed throughout the play.

9. As a play, The Way of the World met with little success. However, critics believe it is one of the best comedies of manners ever written. Why do you think there is such a difference in opinion between audiences and critics?

10. Why does Mirabell agree to help the Fainall's achieve peace in their marriage?

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