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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Marwood's discussion with Fainall reveal about her character?
(a) It conveys her willingness to hurt anyone in order to get her way.
(b) It shows she conspires with him often.
(c) It suggests Fainall blackmailed Mirabell about his affair with his wife, Mrs. Fainall.
(d) It demonstrates her ability to get information from anyone.

2. Why does Congreve say these critics should be the subject of onstage satire?
(a) Because they are not important enough to bother with.
(b) Because they would retaliate.
(c) Because this would inflate their sense of self-importance.
(d) Because critics should not be made fun of since they hold a lot of power with the public.

3. What does the expression 'errant knave' mean?
(a) A man of high birth.
(b) A ladies' champion.
(c) A chivalrous man.
(d) A fool on a mission.

4. In order for Mrs. Millamant to become Mirabell's prize, he must first ___________ .
(a) Keep Sir Wilfull from marrying Mrs. Millamant.
(b) Prevent Fainall from divorcing Mrs. Fainall.
(c) Stop Fainall from killing Mrs. Fainall.
(d) Defeat Fainall's machinations.

5. What does Congreve's cheerful discussion of marriage reveal to the audience?
(a) He shows the true concept of marriage at the time.
(b) He offers a serious commentary on love.
(c) He feelings that marriage should be based on true communication and understanding.
(d) He illustrates the ways marriage can be perverted.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why would tabloid reporters be unable to judge the play?

2. What does Mrs. Millamant ask Witwoud and Petulant as they enter the room in Act 3, Scene 3?

3. Which room in Lady Wishfort's house is the setting for Act 4, Scene 2?

4. Why does Mrs. Millamant agree to marry Sir Wilfull?

5. What inconvenience does Foible point out about Sir Rowland to Lady Wishfort?

Short Essay Questions

1. Lay out Fainall's demands to keep his knowledge about his wife from society. Is this a reasonable revenge or not?

2. Why does Mirabell agree to help the Fainall's achieve peace in their marriage?

3. Why does Lady Wishfort come to the conclusion that Sir Wilfull will not make a good husband for Mrs. Millamant?

4. What makes the scene between Mrs. Fainall and Foible comic?

5. Explain Mrs. Fainall's relief at not being found out by her mother.

6. Compare Congreve's opinions on love, marriage, and honesty with another play, novel, movie, etc. you know well.

7. Why is Mrs. Marwood one of the least sympathetic characters in the play?

8. Discuss Lady Wishfort's plans for receiving Sir Rowland. Why are the plans so elaborate?

9. Throughout the play, Mirabell has protested his love for Mrs. Millamant. Citing specific examples, what are some of the ways he has demonstrated his love for Mrs. Millamant?

10. As a play, The Way of the World met with little success. However, critics believe it is one of the best comedies of manners ever written. Why do you think there is such a difference in opinion between audiences and critics?

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