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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Lady Wishfort steps out of the dining room to read a letter, what does Waitwell claim to Foible?
(a) He knows he is in over his head.
(b) He is rather tired of this pretense.
(c) He would rather be a chairman than Wishfort's husband.
(d) He thinks Lady Wishfort is obsessed with sex.

2. What does Mrs. Millamant achieve when she renounces Mirabell?
(a) She pleases Lady Wishfort and retains her fortune.
(b) She creates an out for Mirabell and destroys Lady Wishfort's plan to marry Sir Rowland.
(c) She frustrates Mrs. Marwood and pleases Fainall.
(d) She angers Sir Wilfull Witwoud and Fainall.

3. Why was the cologne given to the footmen?
(a) To give the footmen a little bonus.
(b) To add to the elegance of the party.
(c) To prevent the footmen from smelling like stable hands.
(d) To disguise bodily odor.

4. What kind of person is Sir Wilfull Witwoud?
(a) Rude and pretentious.
(b) Youthful and crude.
(c) Genuine but uncultured.
(d) Happy-go-lucky.

5. Why were Witwoud and Petulant arguing at the end of Act 4, Scent 1?
(a) They were drunk and garrulous.
(b) Fainall is trying to keep Mrs. Millamant and Sir Wilfull together.
(c) It is the result of Fainall's plan to keep Sir Wilfull from obtaining Lady Wishfort's approval.
(d) They dislike Fainall and Sir Wilfull.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which room in Lady Wishfort's house is the setting for Act 4, Scene 2?

2. What does the item that Waitwell brings into the room in the last scene contain?

3. What social issues did the play focus on?

4. Why does Lady Wishfort criticize her daughter, Mrs. Fainall?

5. What has Lady Wishfort discovered that has her so angry at the beginning of Act 5, Scene 1?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lady Wishfort come to the conclusion that Sir Wilfull will not make a good husband for Mrs. Millamant?

2. Why is this play considered to be universal instead of simply a Restoration comedy of manners?

3. Discuss Lady Wishfort's reaction to Foible's revelations in Act 5, Scene 1.

4. Why is Mrs. Marwood trying to provoke Mrs. Millamant in Act 3, Scene 3?

5. Why do we feel sympathy for Lady Wishfort even though she is vain and is berating a servant at the beginning Act 5, Scene 1?

6. What makes the scene between Mrs. Fainall and Foible comic?

7. Discuss Mrs. Marwood's statements in Act 5, Scene 2.

8. How do you think audiences in this era would react to such a revolutionary position as that of Mrs. Millamant who was asking for equal rights?

9. What is the significance of the black box?

10. As Act 4, Scene 2 opens Waitwell seems to be successful in his pursuit of Lady Wishfort. Why is this so? What is Lady Wishfort's reaction?

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