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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Waitwell promise to bring Lady Wishfort when he is revealed as an impostor?
(a) Proof of his identity.
(b) A black box with a ring for their engagement.
(c) A black box containing a gift for Lady Wishfort.
(d) Certain personal documents of Lady Wishfort.

2. What does Mrs. Fainall ask the maids to do for her at the end of Act 5, Scene 1?
(a) Vouch for her morals.
(b) Calm her mother.
(c) Catch her husband cheating on her.
(d) Help her defeat her husband.

3. Why does Sir Wilfull bow out of his marriage arrangement with Mrs. Millamant?
(a) He enjoys drinking and carousing with his friends.
(b) He likes being a free man.
(c) He does not like the city environment of lies and deceit.
(d) He wants to go home.

4. Lady Wishfort convinces herself that her daughter is innocent in a soliloquy. What is a soliloquy?
(a) A heartfelt speech aimed at convincing the audience of one's justification in a certain act.
(b) A speech defending one's position before the other characters.
(c) A short speech to another character.
(d) A speech given by a character to reveal his or her thoughts to the audience, but not to other characters.

5. What happens when Mincing enters the room in Act 3, Scene 3?
(a) Lady Wishfort speaks to Mrs. Marwood.
(b) Everyone leaves except Fainall and Mrs. Marwood.
(c) Fainall speaks to his wife.
(d) Everyone greets Sir Wilfull.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice does Mirabell give Lady Wishfort when she protests Fainall's demands?

2. How much is Mrs. Millamant's fortune?

3. How do we know Lady Wishfort has not read the entire letter?

4. What does Mrs. Marwood's letter to Lady Wishfort reveal?

5. To keep Mrs. Fainall's infidelity secret, Fainall demands all of the following concessions except one item? What is it?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Lady Wishfort's plans for receiving Sir Rowland. Why are the plans so elaborate?

2. Why does Lady Wishfort come to the conclusion that Sir Wilfull will not make a good husband for Mrs. Millamant?

3. Why do we feel sympathy for Lady Wishfort even though she is vain and is berating a servant at the beginning Act 5, Scene 1?

4. How do critics today differ from Congreve's description of them?

5. How have the fortunes of the lovers been determined in this play? Is this a good thing or a bad one? Explain your point of view.

6. Explain the significance of Sir Wilfull Witwoud's travels.

7. Lay out Fainall's demands to keep his knowledge about his wife from society. Is this a reasonable revenge or not?

8. What makes the scene between Mrs. Fainall and Foible comic?

9. Explain the significance of the document in the black box.

10. As a play, The Way of the World met with little success. However, critics believe it is one of the best comedies of manners ever written. Why do you think there is such a difference in opinion between audiences and critics?

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