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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Congreve use the epilogue?
(a) It satisfied his need for self-justification.
(b) To defy the critics by ranting against their analysis.
(c) To urge the critics to praise his play.
(d) It provided the opportunity for a pre-planned response to his critics.

2. What else does Sir Wilfull say when he apologizes for his drunken behavior?
(a) States that he is leaving on his travels.
(b) Says he is ready to marry Mrs. Millamant.
(c) Promises that he will never drink again.
(d) Claims he must continue with his travels.

3. Who witnessed the document in the black box?
(a) Sir Wilfull.
(b) Foible and Mincing.
(c) Witwoud and Petulant.
(d) Mrs. Millamant.

4. What has Lady Wishfort discovered that has her so angry at the beginning of Act 5, Scene 1?
(a) Sir Rowland was actually a foreigner.
(b) Fainall is going to ruin her.
(c) Her maid was stealing from her.
(d) Her suitor, Sir Rowland, was a fake.

5. Which one of the following statements was not revealed by Mincing to Foible?
(a) Mirabell orders her to hide until Lady Wishfort gets over being angry.
(b) Fainall has ordered Mirabell arrested.
(c) Mirabell got Waitwell out of jail.
(d) Fainall has threatened to divorce his wife unless she gives him her fortune.

6. What does Mirabell, on the other hand, ask of Mrs. Millamant if they are married?
(a) To plot with only her female friends.
(b) To not become a gossip.
(c) To love him always.
(d) To never be as unfaithful as Mrs. Fainall.

7. Who rescues Waitwell after his difficulties?
(a) Mrs. Fainall.
(b) Mrs. Millamant.
(c) Foible.
(d) His master, Mirabell.

8. Why is the Fainall marriage over?
(a) Because Mrs. Fainall wants a divorce.
(b) Because Mrs. Marwood told Fainall of his wife's affair with Mirabell.
(c) Because Mrs. Fainall has learned of his affair with Mrs. Marwood.
(d) Because Lady Wishfort feels her daughter could do better.

9. What demands does Mrs. Millamant's discussion with Mirabell about marriage reveal?
(a) She asks him to always be faithful.
(b) She suggests he limit his numerous affairs.
(c) She pleads that he not become a drunkard.
(d) She wants equal rights in her marriage.

10. Which character(s) is/are not present in Lady Wishfort's dining room?
(a) Sir Wilfull and Witwoud.
(b) Mirabell and Fainall.
(c) Mrs. Millamant and Mrs. Fainall.
(d) Lady Wishfort.

11. Why does Mrs. Millamant agree to marry Sir Wilfull?
(a) Acquire Sir Wilfull's money.
(b) Achieve her freedom.
(c) Secure her fortune.
(d) Get revenge on Mirabell.

12. Which room in Lady Wishfort's house is the setting for Act 4, Scene 2?
(a) The conservatory.
(b) The dining room.
(c) The drawing room.
(d) The parlor.

13. When Fainall enters in Act 5, Scene 2, what does he do?
(a) He states he is divorcing her daughter.
(b) He greets Mrs. Marwood a kiss.
(c) He begins to dictate his terms.
(d) He suggests Lady Wishfort make him an offer.

14. What are the first poets going to do when judging a play?
(a) Suggest the author is unable to produce another good work.
(b) Say they dislike it, because they always dislike the plays they see.
(c) Insult the dramatist.
(d) Say it is unworthy of the playwright.

15. What is Lady Wishfort doing as Act 4, Scene 2 commences?
(a) Lecturing Sir Wilfull on his drunkenness.
(b) Playing cards with her guests.
(c) Having tea with her guests.
(d) Chatting casually.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Foible disobey Lady Wishfort instructions when Lady Wishfort sends Foible to ensure Sir Wilfull and Mrs. Millamant talk?

2. How do Fainall and Mrs. Marwood decide to reveal Mirabell's plan to Lady Wishfort?

3. What does Sir Rowland claim as he enters the dining room and greets Lady Wishfort?

4. Why does Lady Wishfort claim she cannot turn over her fortune to Fainall?

5. Why does Mrs. Millamant leave the room after the arrival of Witwoud and Petulant?

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