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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the dramatic device of naming characters that are symbolic of their personality traits allow the playwright Congreve to do?
(a) Inform the audience about each character without having to develop them.
(b) Suggest a course of action for the characters.
(c) Limit a character's significance.
(d) Create a favorable impression for each character.

2. What did Lady Wishfort say or do that offended Mirabell?
(a) She commented that some people overstay their welcome.
(b) She ignored Mirabell and talked only with Fainall.
(c) She said that Mirabell should leave.
(d) She laughed at him.

3. Why did Mirabell pretend to love Lady Wishfort?
(a) To show the world what a stud he was.
(b) To disguise his true feelings for Mrs. Millamant.
(c) To get her money.
(d) To make fun of her.

4. How does Mrs. Marwood attack Fainall when he angers her?
(a) By saying he told lies about her to Lady Wishfort.
(b) By saying he wrecked her reputation.
(c) By saying he stole from her.
(d) By saying he has deceived her.

5. How does Witwoud describe Petulant?
(a) As a blockhead.
(b) As humorless.
(c) As a monster similar to Caliban.
(d) As a person lacking breeding.

6. How does Congreve use satire in the prologue?
(a) He makes fun of the audience.
(b) He suggests that farce is outdated.
(c) He uses theatrical devices to enhance satire.
(d) He states the play does not contain satire, but it is full of satirical pictures of the different behaviors of the characters.

7. Why does Congreve tell the audience that they will not be offended to any reference to fools in the play?
(a) Because they are society and he doesn't want to offend society members.
(b) Because they will understand his intentions.
(c) Because the fools he is referring to are other artists.
(d) Because they are not fools themselves.

8. What happens if Mirabell's uncle marries and has a child?
(a) Fainall will receive a fee for helping the uncle.
(b) Mirabell will be penniless.
(c) The uncle will gain his statue in society.
(d) Mirabell will lose his inheritance.

9. Why does Mrs. Marwood only want to pretend she is cuckolding her husband?
(a) Because she thinks he doesn't love her any more.
(b) Because he will suffer longer if he can't prove it.
(c) Because he will suffer longer if he can't prove it.
(d) Because she thinks he loves Mrs. Millimant.

10. Where are Mrs. Fainall and Mrs. Marwood as Act 2, Scene 1 opens?
(a) At Mrs. Fainall's house.
(b) In St. James Park.
(c) In Lady Wishfort's house
(d) In the country.

11. What has Mrs. Marwood overheard in her hiding place while Lady Wishfort questions Foible and after Lady Wishfort leaves the room?
(a) Foible's plans.
(b) All of Mirabell's plot.
(c) Lady Wishfort's plans.
(d) Mrs. Fainall's affection for her.

12. Does Mrs. Marwood tell Lady Wishfort everything she overheard?
(a) We don't know.
(b) No.
(c) It is impossible to say.
(d) Yes.

13. Why did Lady Wishfort need to apply rouge?
(a) To cover up her wrinkles.
(b) To improve her looks.
(c) To match the colors in the portrait.
(d) Because the portrait she had painted showed a much younger woman.

14. What does the prologue do?
(a) Introduces Congreve and his play.
(b) Instructs the audience on how to react to the play.
(c) Limits criticism of the play.
(d) Challenges the audience to try something new.

15. When Mrs. Millamant makes her first appearance on stage, Mrs. Millimant interacts with Mirabell and Mrs. Fainall. Which word best describes Mrs. Millamant's character after this scene?
(a) Foolish.
(b) Cruel.
(c) Cold.
(d) Strong.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the least important male character in the play?

2. What reason does Fainall give for Mirabell's deception being revealed?

3. What is the purpose of this play's prologue?

4. For what purpose are the cosmetics used in Act 3, Scene 1?

5. What word best describes the relationship Fainall has with Mrs. Marwood?

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