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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Mrs. Fainall and Mrs. Marwood doing to each other in the park?
(a) Testing each other about Mirabell.
(b) Trying to determine if the other is having an affair.
(c) Questioning each other about their opinion of love.
(d) Investigating each other's love affairs.

2. By firing back at the audience, what does Congreve do?
(a) He pretends to admire them while he really hates them.
(b) He lectures them about their lack of artistic understanding.
(c) He infuriates the audience.
(d) He defends his decision to add some unusual and new elements to the play.

3. What does Foible do when she enters Lady Wishfort's dressing room?
(a) She helps Lady Wishfort dress.
(b) She asks Mrs. Marwood to keep the men company.
(c) She says Witwoud and Petulant have arrived.
(d) She announces Sir Rowland.

4. Foible tell Lady Wishfort all but one of the following. Which statement is incorrect?
(a) Mrs. Marwood is watching Foible.
(b) Sir Rowland loves Wishfort's picture.
(c) Make-up will help her look young.
(d) Mirabell said Wishfort was old.

5. Why does Congreve choose this symbol of cosmetics?
(a) He wanted to acknowledge how beautiful it made women.
(b) He believed that make-up is immoral.
(c) He wanted to show how people change themselves because of vanity.
(d) He felt it served no purpose in life.

6. Why did Mirabell leave Lady Wishfort's house the previous evening?
(a) Because of another commitment.
(b) Because he detested Lady Wishfort and only went because of Mrs. Millamant.
(c) Because he felt unwelcome.
(d) Because he felt ill and wanted to rest at home.

7. Who is the least important male character in the play?
(a) Witwoud.
(b) Mirabell.
(c) Petulant.
(d) Fainall.

8. When Mrs. Millamant makes her first appearance on stage, Mrs. Millimant interacts with Mirabell and Mrs. Fainall. Which word best describes Mrs. Millamant's character after this scene?
(a) Cold.
(b) Cruel.
(c) Strong.
(d) Foolish.

9. Why did Lady Wishfort need to apply rouge?
(a) To match the colors in the portrait.
(b) To improve her looks.
(c) Because the portrait she had painted showed a much younger woman.
(d) To cover up her wrinkles.

10. What does Lady Wishfort do when she enters her dressing room?
(a) She dresses for dinner and sends Mrs. Marwood down ahead of her.
(b) She apologizes and asks her to accompany her to dinner.
(c) She lets Marwood out and apologizes.
(d) She invites Mrs. Marwood to stay for dinner.

11. With respect to Sir Wilfull, what does Mrs. Marwood suggest to Lady Wishfort?
(a) Sir Wilfull is a country bumpkin.
(b) Sir Wilfull will make an excellent husband for Mrs. Millamant.
(c) Sir Wilfull is going to continue his travels.
(d) Sir Wilfull is a drunkard.

12. Why did Mirabell and Mrs. Fainall choose Fainall as her husband?
(a) Because she loved him.
(b) Because he was old and would probably die soon.
(c) Because he loved her.
(d) Because he was a liar and a cheat with a good reputation.

13. What do the different marriages introduced in the play seem to be motivated by?
(a) Love.
(b) Social convenience.
(c) The need to protect their reputations.
(d) Greed.

14. Why is the theatrical device 'eavesdropping' used by Marwood comical?
(a) She is intrigued by the plots going on.
(b) She is self-important.
(c) She is forced to listen to the other character's true opinions of her.
(d) She wants revenge on Mirabell.

15. What does Mirabell's plan consist of?
(a) Trying to make others believe that he wasn't interested in Mrs. Millamant.
(b) Winning Mrs. Millamant's aunt's favor so she would give her blessing.
(c) Entering into a plot with Mrs. Marwood.
(d) Hiding his true feelings about Mrs. Fainall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Lady Wishfort question Foible in her dressing room?

2. Why is Fainall bored when talking with Mirabell in the chocolate house?

3. Act 2, Scene 2 reveals the reason Mrs. Fainall married her husband. What was the reason?

4. Where is Mrs. Marwood at the opening of Act 3, Scene 2?

5. Why did Mirabell pretend to love Lady Wishfort?

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