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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Fainall give for Mirabell's deception being revealed?
(a) Mrs. Marwood tried to protect her friend, Lady Wishfort.
(b) He did not return Mrs. Marwood's romantic gestures.
(c) He should have expected Lady Wishfort's friends to tell her.
(d) He deserved it.

2. What is Lady Wishfort's reaction to Mrs. Marwood's suggestion about Sir Wilfull?
(a) She isn't sure.
(b) She disagrees.
(c) She agrees, but thinks they should wait until after her marriage.
(d) She agrees.

3. What is the relationship between Witwoud and Sir Wilfull Witwoud?
(a) They are brothers.
(b) They are distant relatives.
(c) They are half-brothers.
(d) They are cousins.

4. What news does the footman bring Mirabell at the chocolate house?
(a) That Waitwell and Foible are married.
(b) That Foible wanted to speak to him.
(c) That his coachman, Waitwell, is waiting with his carriage.
(d) That Waitwell and Foible have run away together.

5. What else does Foible tell Mrs. Fainall?
(a) Mirabell finds Mrs. Fainall unattractive.
(b) Mrs. Marwood loves Mirabell.
(c) Mirabell secretly admires Mrs. Marwood.
(d) Mrs. Marwood is having an affair.

6. Why does Fainall say he married his wife?
(a) For her social position.
(b) For her money.
(c) For love.
(d) For her good breeding.

7. All of the following are true except one. As Mrs. Marwood discovers Mirabell's plot, she ______ .
(a) Feels angry with Mrs. Wishfort.
(b) Vows revenge.
(c) Wants him to fail.
(d) Plots to destroy Mirabell's scheme.

8. What does Lady Wishfort ask Mrs. Marwood to do after Foible's announcement?
(a) She asks Mrs. Marwood to receive her guests.
(b) She asks her to accompany her to dinner.
(c) She asks Mrs. Marwood to keep Witwoud and Petulant company.
(d) She asks her help in dressing.

9. Where are Mrs. Fainall and Mrs. Marwood as Act 2, Scene 1 opens?
(a) In St. James Park.
(b) At Mrs. Fainall's house.
(c) In the country.
(d) In Lady Wishfort's house

10. Who told Lady Wishfort about Mirabell's deception?
(a) Fainall.
(b) Mrs. Millamant.
(c) Mrs. Marwood.
(d) Foible.

11. What has Mrs. Marwood overheard in her hiding place while Lady Wishfort questions Foible and after Lady Wishfort leaves the room?
(a) All of Mirabell's plot.
(b) Lady Wishfort's plans.
(c) Mrs. Fainall's affection for her.
(d) Foible's plans.

12. What phrase describes the relationship between Mirabell and Mrs. Fainall?
(a) They were previously lovers.
(b) They are brother and sister.
(c) They were never romantically involved.
(d) They are lovers.

13. Does Mrs. Marwood tell Lady Wishfort everything she overheard?
(a) We don't know.
(b) It is impossible to say.
(c) No.
(d) Yes.

14. Why did Mirabell and Mrs. Fainall choose Fainall as her husband?
(a) Because he was old and would probably die soon.
(b) Because he was a liar and a cheat with a good reputation.
(c) Because she loved him.
(d) Because he loved her.

15. How does Mrs. Marwood answer Fainall when he joins her in the park?
(a) She is protective of Fainall's honor.
(b) She hates his wife.
(c) She wants to go home.
(d) She is tired of arguing with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Mrs. Millamant makes her first appearance on stage, Mrs. Millimant interacts with Mirabell and Mrs. Fainall. Which word best describes Mrs. Millamant's character after this scene?

2. Who is Mrs. Millamant?

3. How does Mrs. Marwood attack Fainall when he angers her?

4. Why did Waitwell marry Foible?

5. Why does Mirabell believe the scheme to deceive Lady Wishfort is necessary?

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