The Way of the World Character Descriptions

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Fainall - A faithless character who enjoys a good reputation "with the Town," but is greedy, false, and profligate.

Mrs. Fainall - A clever and cautious character, but a loyal friend to the cousin. Generous to others.

Foible - This character is thought to be an obedient, and therefore, privy to much that other characters would like to hide.

Mrs. Marwood - This character is a 'pretend' friend who is the least sympathetic character. Occasionally, the character is referred to as that 'devil' because of attempts to destroy the happiness of others.

Mrs. Millamant - Despite good breeding, the young and fashionable character is not above abiding fools to achieve goals.

Mincing - An affected yet dutiful and loyal character who helps expose the deception of others in plotting to extort the estate of another character.

Mirabell - An attractive, young, and headstrong character of good manners...

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