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• The Prologue makes a statement comparing two different types of fools: poets and natural fools.

• Poets are fools because they depend on the tastes and whims of other people to earn their living.

• Natural fools are stupid people who are blessed by fortune (fate).

• Congreve classified himself as a 'passive' poet who will accept the audience's opinion of this play instead of relying on his past success.

• Congreve states the purpose of the play is to entertain and not instruct the very knowledgeable audience.
• Prologues were a normal feature in Reformation theater.

• The prologue allows Congreve to defend his decision to add some unusual and new elements to his play.
• The play challenges the audience to try something new.

• Congreve wants them to use their 'reformed' sensibilities to enjoy something more subtle than farce which they had previously been used to.

Act 1, Scene 1

• Set in a chocolate...

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