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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What diversifies the meaning of a painting?
(a) The type of museum lighting.
(b) Its title.
(c) Its reproduction in many locations.
(d) Its type of framing.

2. Why does the author discuss the work of Frans Hals?
(a) Because his work shows how words can be used to define artwork.
(b) Because his work is a good example of how art from the past is mystifying.
(c) Because he is a leading expert in historical artwork.
(d) Because he is a co-author in the book.

3. Which statement summarizes how images are subjective?
(a) Paintings rarely have good titles to define their meaning.
(b) People usually see the same images.
(c) An artist represents his own way of seeing, and the viewer sees the art with another way of seeing.
(d) A good artist can pass his way of seeing to the viewer,

4. In general, what are words used to do?
(a) See the environment.
(b) Avoid danger.
(c) Explain the environment.
(d) Learn new things.

5. What does the word 'image' mean in this book?
(a) Any work of art.
(b) Any reproduced art work.
(c) Any object that can be seen.
(d) Reproduced sight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Frans Hals?

2. To what area is the single eye of perspective unique?

3. Magritte's painting is an example of what type of artwork?

4. Which words best describe Chapter 1 as a whole?

5. What do Berger et al. mean by the phrase "holy relic"?

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