The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 Short Essay - Answer Key

Christopher Paul Curtis
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1. What does Momma do to try to help Byron get his lips off the mirror?

Momma tries to get Byron's lips off the mirror by pouring warm water over them. This makes the problem worse as the water freezes on contact. After this, Momma tells Dad to go call the hospital and ask what they should do. She doesn't wait for an answer. She decides to pull Byron's face right off the mirror. He then runs into the house in pain.

2. What does Kenny say to tease Byron as they drive to Cyndey's house?

In the car on the way to Cydney's, Kenny decides to tease Byron. He tells his little sister, Joey, that he's going to write a comic book, and the superhero is going to be named the Lipless Wonder who isn't afraid of anything but a cold mirror.

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