Objects & Places from The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963

Christopher Paul Curtis
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Flint, Michigan

When the novel opens, the Watson family lives in this place where it can get quite cold in the winter.

Birmingham, Alabama

Grandma Sands lives in here, and it is the place to which the Watsons are going on the long car trip.

The Brown Bomber

This is the name Dad has given his old car.

Momma's Notebook

This is where Momma has recorded all the information she plans to use for the car trip, including what food she has brought along, where they will spend the nights, and so on.

The Wool Pooh

This is the name of the monster Byron has made up.

Collier's Landing

Children have drowned here. Kenny almost drowns here too, but Byron saves him.

The Church

This is where a bombing occurs. Kenny sees the aftermath and this troubles him.

The Ultra-Glide

This is the special record player Dad installs...

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