The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 Character Descriptions

Christopher Paul Curtis
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This character has a lazy eye and is considered smart because he is a good reader and likes the song "Yakety Yak".


This character has some behavior issues, which is why the family goes to Alabama.


This character is very religious and tries to do what she thinks is right, which often involves snitching on her big brother for his own good.


This character was raised in Alabama, and has a hard time living in Flint, Michigan, where it gets so cold.


This character likes to joke around and make his family laugh. When his son gets a funky hairstyle, his only response is to just shave his head.

Grandma Sands

This physically small character has a reputation for being mean but seems much nicer in person.


This character is one of the thug friends who likes to tease the main character...

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