The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Christopher Paul Curtis
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Chapter 1, And You Wonder Why We Get Called the Weird Watsons

• The Watson's are huddled under a blanket on the couch trying to stay warm. Dad wants to go to Aunt Cyndey's house because her heat is working.

• Dad sends Kenny and Byron to scrape the ice off the car. Byron kisses his reflection in the rear-view mirror and gets his lips stuck.

• They pour warm water over Byron's lips, but it freezes on contact. Momma forcibly pulls him off, and he runs inside screaming.
• Dad says Hambone Henderson tried to tell Momma lies about the North so she wouldn't marry Dad.

• Kenny makes a joke about a comic book character called the Lipless Wonder to make fun of Byron.

Chapter 2, Give My Regards to Clark, Poindexter

• Kenny says Larry is the bully in the 4th grade, but Byron rules the school, which keeps Kenny from getting teased...

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