Watership Down Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Fiver.

Fiver is the smallest rabbit in the warren. He is Hazel's brother and the best at finding cowslip, which is a delicacy among rabbits.

2. What premonition does Fiver have?

Fiver has a premonition that something bad will happen and thinks the sign is the source of his bad feelings. He has visions of blood all over the warren.

3. Why does Hazel believe his brother's premonition?

Hazel believes Fiver because he is aware of his brother's gift of prophecy and has seen his visions come true in the past.

4. Why does Bigwig decide to join the others in finding a new warren?

Bigwig makes the decision to accompany the rabbits as they leave the warren. They will search for a new warren. Bigwig has been ousted from the Owsla and no longer has a reason to stay.

5. Who is El-ahrairah?

El-ahrairah is a rabbit folk hero. He is said to control the weather and provide the dew and wind that help rabbits escape predators. El-ahrairah used tricks, rather than violence to carry out his feats.

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