Watermelon Short Essay - Answer Key

Marian Keyes
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1. What date is important to the protagonist of the story and why is it important?

WATERMELON opens with the protagonist Claire Webster, twenty-nine, talking about February 15. This is the day she gave birth to a baby girl, and the day her husband announced he was leaving her. She tells of how her husband witnessed the birth of their child. This prologue begins Claire Webster's story, with the events of February 15 the starting point for the rest of the story.

2. How did Claire meet her husband, James?

Claire earned her English degree, then left a well-paid job in Dublin and moved to London to explore life. She took a waitress job and met James when he was a patron where she worked. They dated, eventually moved into together, and then married.

3. What news does James deliver to Claire in her hospital room?

The second part of the chapter involves James coming into Claire's hospital room after the birth of their baby girl. He announces immediately to Claire that he is leaving her for an older woman.

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