Objects & Places from Watermelon

Marian Keyes
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Object Descriptions

London - Capital city of England.

Dublin - City in Ireland.

Tube - London subway system.

Heathrow - Airport in London, England.

Financial Times - British business newspaper.

Aer Lingus - Irish airline.

Flat - British term meaning apartment.

Cosmopolitan - Women's magazine.

Glastonbury - English town.

The Economist - News magazine.

Hello - British gossip magazine.

Trolley - Grocery cart in a supermarket.

Grenada - Island in the Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean region.

Babygro - A clothing line for children.

Knickers - Undergarments.

Jacuzzi - Jet-stream bath.

Beirut - City in Lebanon.

Cot - Baby's crib.

Belfast - City in Northern Ireland.

Florence - City in Italy.

KitKat - Chocolate bar.

Deed - Legal document for land and property ownership.

Vatican - Roman Catholic Church headquarters.

Maldives - Tropical destination.

Pints - Beers.

Big Ben - Iconic clock in London.

Buckingham Palace - Where the British Monarchy...

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