Watermelon Character Descriptions

Marian Keyes
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Claire Webster

This person is the main character in the novel, a twenty-nine year old woman who lives in London, England with her husband.

James Webster

This character is an accountant in London where he and his wife live in a nice flat and have an upscale lifestyle that is befitting for a couple of their dual income bracket, both with healthy careers.


This person is a twenty-four year-old strapping, handsome and very congenial young man who strives to better his life by going to college.

Claire's Mother

This person is a caring woman who has her husband under control, doing it in a subtle way, so that he's at her disposal, almost by rote, without even realizing it.

Claire's Father

This person is a man who supports his family as the breadwinner of the household and enjoys the simple pleasures of life such as watching his...

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