Watermelon Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Marian Keyes
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Prologue to Chapter 5

• Claire Webster is a 29-year-old woman who states the importance of the date February--it is the day she gives birth to her first child and also the day that her husband says he is leaving her for an older woman.

• Claire had moved from Dublin to London after achieving a college degree and took a job as a waitress where she met her future husband, James.

• Claire learns from her friend, Judy, that the woman James is having an affair with is a 35-year-old woman named Denise who lives two floors below Claire and James' flat.

• Claire decides to leave London and visit her parents in Dublin for awhile.

• Claire feels overweight from the pregnancy and calls herself a watermelon.

• Claire panics at the Dublin airport when she cannot find her luggage but a porter helps her recover it.

• Claire discusses her situation with her...

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