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Short Answer Questions

1. What has happened to Little Chief while Waterlily has been away?

2. Why is the young boy going to be part of the dance in Chapter 11?

3. What happens two months after Mitawa is born?

4. Who is the leader of Sacred Horse's camp circle?

5. In Chapter 17, why can't Waterlily tell Lowanla the truth about their first meeting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Waterlily asked to wait on Lowanla, and how does she feel about this?

2. When everyone in the camp circle starts getting sick and dying what does Good Hunter tell Sacred Horse to do, and why?

3. Describe the story that Yankton tells while Sacred Horse and Waterlily are at the tipi of Red Leaf's parents.

4. Why does Leaping Fawn have a Virgin's Fire, and what happens during the ceremony?

5. What happens to the two American horses Black Eagle had been saving for Gloku's ghostkeeping, and what opportunity arises to rectify the issue?

6. When Sacred Horse tells his friend about the distance between him and his wife, what does Sacred Horse's friend suggest?

7. In Chapter 14, what does Waterlily learn about her grandfather, and how does she feel about this news?

8. What story about a young boy moves Waterlily in Chapter 11?

9. Who arranges for Waterlily to visit her family's camp circle, how is the visit arranged, and how does Waterlily feel about it?

10. Why do women sneak water to their husbands and boyfriends during the Sun Dance, and how does Waterlily feel about this?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What role does the importance of family play in "Waterlily"? How is this theme related to the theme of Dakota traditions?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the characters Waterlily and Blue Bird.

Essay Topic 3

Describe Waterlily's relationship with the members of her family. What do her actions suggest in regards to her respect for her elders and for Dakota traditions?

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