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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Waterlily discover in Chapter 17?
(a) An abandoned mine shaft.
(b) She is pregnant with Sacred Horse's child.
(c) She loves Red Leaf.
(d) She has the smallpox.

2. What do the women of the camp sneak and offer the men during the dance in Chapter 11?
(a) Water to ease their suffering.
(b) Escape from the tribe.
(c) Themselves in marriage.
(d) Lots of money.

3. What does Waterlily require before she will agree to marry Lowanla?
(a) Nothing; she will never remarry.
(b) To know that Lowanla is not marrying her only out of obligation.
(c) A sum of money.
(d) Two years to grieve for Sacred Horse.

4. What does Waterlily vow to do regarding sneaking away in Chapter 11?
(a) To never sneak away again.
(b) To take Little Chief with her next time.
(c) To never tell anyone about it.
(d) To do it again as soon as possible.

5. In Chapter 17, why can't Waterlily tell Lowanla the truth about their first meeting?
(a) She does not remember it at all.
(b) Sacred Horse's family would disapprove.
(c) It would hurt him to learn the truth.
(d) She should not have been so bold as to bring him water during the Sun Dance.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Waterlily respond to Lowanla's question about who she is in Chapter 17?

2. What has happened to Little Chief while Waterlily has been away?

3. What follows the singing in the celebration in Chapter 11?

4. Why is Waterlily not interested in remarrying in Chapter 17?

5. What did Gloku teach Waterlily to be?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lowanla ask if Waterlily was the girl who offered him water at the Sun Dance, and how does Waterlily respond?

2. How does meeting Red Leaf's parents affect Waterlily's relationship with her husband?

3. Who is Red Leaf, and why is Waterlily happy to meet his parents in Chapter 15?

4. How does Waterlily feel after watching Lowanla make his sacrifice and continue to dance, and what happens when she tries to bring him water?

5. Why do women sneak water to their husbands and boyfriends during the Sun Dance, and how does Waterlily feel about this?

6. In Chapter 14, what does Waterlily learn about her grandfather, and how does she feel about this news?

7. Who arranges for Waterlily to visit her family's camp circle, how is the visit arranged, and how does Waterlily feel about it?

8. What happens that causes Blue Bird to talk to Waterlily about the proper ways to be courted by a young man, and why does Blue bird feel this is so important?

9. When Sacred Horse tells his friend about the distance between him and his wife, what does Sacred Horse's friend suggest?

10. Describe the story that Yankton tells while Sacred Horse and Waterlily are at the tipi of Red Leaf's parents.

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