Waterlily Character Descriptions

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After this main character's birth, her father leaves her mother, and her mother returns to her own camp circle.

Blue Bird

This character was publicly thrown away by her husband after having his child.


This character promised the Great Spirit 100 pieces of flesh to spare his father's life.`

Little Chief

This character often played with the main character when they were children.


This character raised her grandchildren when they were small.

Leaping Fawn

This unmarried character held the Virgin's Fire Ceremony.

Prairie Flower

This character accompanied her cousin to the Sun Dance Festival.


This character adopted his step-daughter to show her how much he cared for her.

Sacred Horse

This character died of smallpox shortly after his wedding.

Dream Woman

This character is very talented at making clothing and moccasins.

First Woman

This character is the wife of the head of the tiyosaye.

Black Eagle

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