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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 50.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom Crick say is the mission of a history teacher?
(a) To teach his students about mistakes.
(b) To motivate his students to be active citizens.
(c) To make sure his students end up loving history.
(d) To instill in his students a sense of destiny.

2. The headmaster of the school where Tom Crick teaches history thinks Tom should retire from his job. Why?
(a) The headmaster does not like Tom Crick.
(b) All of the above.
(c) History will be eliminated from the curriculum.
(d) Tom Crick has stopped teaching the syllabus.

3. What disaster befalls Sarah Atkinson when she is 37 years old?
(a) Her husband dies and his relatives take all his money from her, leaving her destitute.
(b) She loses her long-awaited first child at its birth.
(c) Her husband hits her in the head in a fit of rage, leaving her a living shell of her former self.
(d) She is caught on the second floor of her house when it burns down.

4. Tom tells us that as a young teenager Mary liked to "experiment" with boys. Whom does he NOT suspect her of sleeping with?
(a) Harold Metcalf.
(b) Freddie Parr.
(c) Tom Crick himself.
(d) Dick Crick.

5. Tom thinks that progress leads...
(a) To a brighter future.
(b) To forgetting.
(c) Nowhere.
(d) Back to where we started.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Freddie Parr do to Mary as revenge for setting him up to lose the competition because she knew he couldn't swim?

2. What is the phrase Tom uses about who should not have to prop up whom?

3. Henry Crick, Tom's father, is obsessed with one question about Freddie's death that he repeats over and over again. What is it?

4. What game are Tom Crick, Freddie Parr, Peter Baine, and Terry Coe playing with Mary Metcalf and Shirley Alford on the banks of the Hockwell Lode as Dick Crick looks on?

5. Who does Tom Crick think his wife Mary is having a love affair with in her old age?

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